Fasten Your Seatbelt

By:Magen Zeng

Blake, forced to face his mental foes in Shusterman’s Full Tilt,

Initially from challenges would always shy away and wilt.

After enduring Cassandra’s devilish obsession and cold wrath,

Blake emerges a new man following a very different path.

I understand how life’s ups and downs can sometimes twist and mangle,

And I relate to Blake who saw the world from a child survivor’s angle.

Whenever troubles come my way, I wish them away with hope,

Daring my problems to disappear like germs that succumb to soap.

Just as on the airplane in April that whisked me England bound,

The dreadful turbulence certainly made me value life, the greatest gift, on solid ground.

Each storm will pass, I tell myself; so, I will always look for the sun,

Fasten your seatbelt, as the excitement has just begun.

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