The Louisiana Purchase

By: Joey Glembocki

The Louisiana purchase is a purchase by America. They bought land that include the following states; Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico, Texas, Monatana, Wyoming, Colorado, Louisiana. The purchase also included some of Canada. In the 1803, Thomas Jefferson bought a large amount of land. The purchase costed about $15 million.

The Louisiana Purchase

The purchase stretched across the entire country. From the gulf of Mexico to the Canadian Territories.

How did America feel about being surrounded by the French and British?

Britain owned a small part of land to the east of the Mississippi after the French and Indian war. France sold the land to America to pay for some of the French and Indian war. Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to explore the land that he had just purchased. They traveled with 33 other explorers. America felt surrounded, so they had explorers check out the land. France most likely not attack America because they helped the French pay some of their debt. France also did not like Britain too.

How did America control all of the land?

Lewis and Clark went to see if there were any Indians on the land, so America could be aware of attackers. After the French and Indian war, America had control of Texas. America put up borders to secure all the land.