Faith Doyle Leadership Experience

Cartoon Childhood Leaders

Leadership journey

This portfolio is filled with my past, present and future leadership experiences. In this I will demonstrate what I learned throughout this journey. I hope you enjoy.

Theme: Cartoon Childhood Leaders

I chose this theme because I wanted to give the people reading this a real way to connect to the experiences I've been though with something everyone loves; 90's childhood cartoons.
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why i picked this quote.

This is my favorite leadership quote because it represents my leadership style. I believe that you can't just tell others what to do and not have a personal relationship with them, this will not inspire them to work hard. Getting to know your team ensures a connection between everyone therefore making the tasks accomplished fasting and better. That’s why I chose Cartoons because I knew it would connect to people on a deeper level as that’s what they grew up on.

Link Crew

An event that I displayed leadership skills is on the first day of school for grade 9's as a link crew leader. The event was September 8, 2015 on this day link crew leaders arrived at school at 7:00 AM to help prepare the gym for when the grade 9's. This day was designed to show the incoming grade 9's that they had an older friend at the school to help them out and be a role model.

My role was to get to know my group of 12 grade 9 students with my partner and show them around the school. My partner and I brought candy and gifts to help make the day a fun and memorable first memory of high school. We also past our wisdom along and told them things we have learned now being senior students on how to "survive high school".

This experience taught me on ways to be compassionate towards the incoming freshmen, just like Tito makani. He was always offering kids heartfelt advice and always listened to people’s problems. My link crew group was very apprehensive to participate at first so we had to think of creative ways to encourage them to get involved. I learned to show I understood what they were going through as I too was once in their position.


I have demonstrated leadership skills by joining David Suzuki Secondary School's SAC (student activity council). Students in each high school vote for one or two people to represent their interests. SAC is in charge of voicing the concerns and wants of the schools teachers and students. SAC hosts things such as semi, spirit weeks, dances etc.

This year I have stepped up and joined a club to make my voice heard with my ideas for the school. My role in the club is to go to the weekly meeting and share my ideas and volunteer my time to help make the school year as fun as possible. I have to make sure I help out with promoting the SAC events by sharing the information on social media platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. I also make effort to participate in spirit days such as dressing up on Halloween, crazy hair day, twin day etc.

This club has taught me to be courageous just like Jimmy Neutron. Jimmy was an outcast but no matter his adversities he was still able to find the will power to do what he love, inventing. Joining SAC was something I would never do before this year as putting myself out there was way too scary for me. This club has really pushed me to become proud of the ideas I have come up with and making an effort to get many people involved.


Summer of 2014 I was a volunteer for the YMCA. The YMCA started over 160 years ago as a charity dedicated to the health of individuals and the community. there serve people of all ages, races abilities etc. The offer many different activities such as swimming, sports, hobby activities so everyone has something they enjoy doing at the YMCA.

My role while volunteering at the YMCA was to help the camp counselors and act as a jr councilor. I went every Tuesday from 9AM-4PM to help out with kids ages 6-12. My responsibilities were a wide range of helping setting up games/activities, playing with the kids, cleaning up, helping kids with problems etc. My favorite activity was when we went swimming as the campers were always amazed when I did cool jumps and dives into the pool.

While volunteering at this camp I learned how to be patient like Wanda. Wanda is a character from the show Fairly Odd Parents. In The show she is always patient and level headed while talking to her very childish husband Cosmo. Working with children can be physically and emotionally draining but I had to learn how to be patient. I knew that to some of these kids I was a role model and had to act like one and raising my voice in angry would not help me become a good leader they would trust.


when I was in grade 5 at Glendale Public School I was a PAL. PAl stands for playground activity leadership in schools. The objective of a pal is to increase physical activity, decrease conflict/bullying, and provide a leadership experience to students. PALS is a peel wide program in elementary schools.

My roles in the PAL program was to be a role model to the young students as I was in the highest grade at the school. Before recess I would put on a red sash with black letters that spell out PALS. I remember feeling so proud of myself as I was specially chosen to be in a big leadership role. I was in charge of telling the younger kids the stand on the "red line" if they were misbehaving which made me feel like I had authority.

Being a pal taught me how to be accountable like Porkchop. Porkchop was Doug's sidekick who was taking responsibility for the actions he makes. Being a PAL taught me to be responsible with my authority as I knew there was people counting on me. the PAL program was one of the first leadership role I had and it opened my eyes to my ability to lead.


When I was 9 my parents took me out for lunch during school one day and surprised me with my first pet, a kitten. We rescued my cat from Brampton humane society after he was found caught under a car trying to stay warm during the winter. my mom named him mr.Jinx after the cat in the movie meet the fockers .

Having a first pet taught me how to put something before myself and take care of a living thing. My role was the number one caretaker of the cat. My parents made it clear that it was my cat therefore my responsibility. Therefore, I had to feed, brush, change cat litter, clean up after the cat etc.

Having my first pet taught me my love for animals just like Eliza Thornberry. She was gifted with the ability to talk to animals and used her skills to help save Africa's wild animals. After rescuing my cat from the humane society I became very aware of the high numbers of stray cats and would put out food and water for the ones living in my community. Much like Eliza's parents, my parents weren't pleased about the measures we took. As the food and water I was putting out of the three to four stray cats in my area attracted about 15 more but 9 year old me was very happy with the new furry neighbors

girl guides

From the ages 5-14 I was in Girl Guides. I started when I was five in sparks, then moved up to Brownies when I was 7, Guides when I 9 and pathfinders when I was 12. Girl Guides of Canada's mission is a positive difference in every girls and women's life so they can contribute to their community. Girls guides started in St. Catharines and is over 100 years old and has had over 7 million girls and women involved.

My role as a girl guide was to go to the weekly Wednesday meetings held in a Catholic school by my house. we were required to wear our girl guide shirts and sash every meeting. On the sash were badges you earned from doing something on your own or with your guide group. Every Wednesday we would meet and play games, do crafts and talk about things that were happening to us in our life. The things we would talk about ranged from bullying, puberty, being a good friend etc.

Girl guides taught me how to be a strong young women just like Sandy Cheeks. Sandy is always there for her friends spongebob and Patrick and was always shown as a strong female character even when she was such an outcast. Girl guides was more than arts and crafts and campfire songs; it taught me how to love being a girl. It empowered me to love myself and gave me the confidence that is so hard to have while being a young girl.

social justice

The LGBT community is a community that I have always felt very close too. LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender but many other people fall under the umbrella such as drag queens, asexual, pansexual, transsexual etc. Some of my closest friends fall under this umbrella of people so I always do my part to help the fight for their rights.

My role in the community is to be an ally that fights for their rights with them. Like I said some of my closest friends are LGBT so whenever I heard homophobia I take a stand. A lot of the heterosexual boys at my school say extreme homophobic things so I do my part and point out what they said is wrong before it escalates. Also I try and use my social media platforms to spread love towards the community as well as me and my friends go to Toronto gay pride parade

From supporting the LGBT community I have learned to be more aware of social issues just like Eliza Thornberry. Eliza knew had the African wild animals were in danger and knew she had to help the ones who couldn't help themselves. I have gained awareness for many social issues involving LGBT since I have become an ally. It has made me a better person by helping others.

Leadership Class

In grade 11 I took a leadership class which taught us how to be a good leader and help guide people. In this class we were taught the skills we needed though games we played in class.

One game we played was called flip the mat where you had a group of 5 people stand on a mat with the objective to flip it without stepping off of it. I took a leadership role while playing this game as was directing people on where to stand and what part of the mat to lift. My group ending up succeeding and winning.

This taught me how to be determined just like Eddy. No matter how many times Eddy gets shut down, faces challenges, or falls short he always pushes forward with a new found scheme. while doing the challenge me and my team faced a lot of dead ends but we had to keep pushing forward showing me that with determination anything is possible.

Prom committee

This year I joined prom committee. The club meets every Thursday after school to discuss ideas for prom. The club is to insure that the students have a say in one of the biggest nights of high school and to ensure it’s the best prom. We are in charge of budgeting prom, renting a hall, theme, dj, and food. All members are divided up into each category; for example im reasonable for the food.

My role in the club is to attend all the meetings every Thursday. I also helped research what food we should serve to the students as well as what they want to eat. Me and my friend made a twitter survey asking what the students wanted to eat. I make sure to communicate my vision for how I want prom to go and make sure my voice is heard during meetings.

Being in this club has taught me how to be focused on what I want just like Dexter. He is also focused on what he wants to do every if others think he comes across as an over thinker or overconfident. Prom is made up to be a big night and because I love all clichés I am doing my best to make sure my visions are heard while not overpowering people.

life dream

My life goal in 10-15 years is to have completed my social work course at Algonquin College in Ottawa, I hope to become something in the workforce field of social work. I have always loved people and helping those in need is something I have always inspired to be and do.

I want to have a family in the future, so having flexible working hours is important to me so I can be able to watch my children grown up and be apart of their life like my mother. I am also interested in telecommuting as it would allow me to work from home therefore being more hands on with my kids and family.

For this goal to come true I will have to be extremely focused like Dexter. He is extremely focused on what his goals are in life and doesn't let things come in the way of achieving his goals. Going to Algonquin College, getting a social work position with flexible working hours/telecommuting and having a family are all very important life goals for me. Therefore I know what I want I just have to make sure I stay focused on the goal.

First Job

I got my first job at Sobeys in the floral department in 2014. Sobeys is a Canadian founded grocery store with over 1,500 store across Canada. This number includes the many other stores Sobeys owns such as freshco, Foodland, Thrifty Foods etc. The floral department has a wide range of rose/mixed bouquets and arrangements, potted plants.

I have many different roles in the floral department. when I am scheduled I am usually the only floral clerk meaning I have to run the department by myself. I am expected to do everything on my to do list that my boss writes for me every night. the list ranges from watering plants, changing water, cleaning, wrapping/arranging costumers flowers, and cleaning up the flowers. Also because I have a cash register in my department and am trained on cash, when the front end gets too busy I will go up and help them out.

My first job taught me how to be ambitious just like Regina "reggie" Rocket. Her "we can do it" positive attitude helps her and her friends every time they run in the new challenges. It felt like I had applied everywhere and no one would call me back but I managed to keep a positive outlook and eventually Sobeys called me back for an interview. If I had not keep looking I would not have found the amazing first job that I have know. I would not have learned the independence that jobs teach you either.

Jazz Dance

In grade 10 I joined Suzuki's jazz dance club. In this club we meet every Tuesday from September to may preparing for the may arts night. At arts night all the after school arts clubs such as dance, music and art would present what they have been working on. My club learned too jazz dances and performed them both at arts night.

My role in the club was to go to every practice ready to dance. At first I had a really hard time learning the choreography as it was one of the first times that it had done jazz dance, but I worked hard and started getting pretty good. I improved so much that when the teacher ruining the club wasn't there she would ask me to lead the dancers were staying on track and prioritized our time. I would make sure the group stayed on task to make sure we meet our dance goal for May.

Trying something new and taking a leadership role in it took a lot of courage just like Jimmy Neutron. He was a social outcast but still pushes through to make the invention he loved. I didn't really know anyone in my jazz club so I to find courage to stand up and take a leadership role to ensure our end goal was meet.

looking back: reflection

Before taking this course I thought a leader was just someone who gave workers a task but they are far more complex than that. I've learned the difference between leaders and managers, the levels of managers and plenty more.

This course has shown me my strengths and weakness of my leadership qualities. I have strong people skills and I think I would be good working somewhere in human resources because of it. I am good at having a vision of my final project and seeing where I want to be at the end. For example when doing the newspaper activity I knew what I wanted to build and had an idea of how to get there. I am very loyal to my team and can take full responsibility when I am in the wrong, as well as making sure I complete my share of the task. I've learned that organization is something I need to work on as well as time management as often I procrastinate and leave everything until the last minute and cause a lot of destructive stress for myself.

Finally, I think I can take away a sense of knowing what kind of leader I like and therefore want to be. I personally think democratic is the best leadership style and I want to try and be that type of leader. I also want to be more of a leader than a manager as they are more hands on and people take to them more. In the end this class has taught me so much about not only other people's leadership but also my own therefore making me feel as I have expanded my skills to new heights and I'm ready for the next challenge.

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Public Speaking

Last year I took a Public Speaking class as I wanted to improve my abilities to talking in front of large groups. Public speaking has never been too much of a problem for me but I knew if I wanted to be the best leader I had to improve.Being a good public speaker is one of the top characteristics to being a good leader. If you can't get your message across to the people, they won't do what you ask.

In this class I learned how to prepare for a speech as we would do body warm ups and vocal exercises to prepare ourselves. Also we did ice breakers to get to know each other therefore making it less stressful while presenting. We also would go into random class to share our speeches so we got the feel for talking in front of strangers. The class was also in change of announcements. Every Tuesday morning was my groups day to announce them.

This class taught me how to feel comfortable talking in front of groups and how to write captivating speeches using tone, volume and word choice. This class gave me the same strength that Sandy Cheeks has. Sandy always has a positive attitude and is willing to try new things just like me in the class.