The Red Badge of Courage

By: Stephen Crane

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Primary Setting

This story's exact location is unknown. However, what we do know is that it most of the time takes place on a Civil War battlefield or camp.

Main Characters

In the Red Badge of Courage, the main character that we hear of most often is Henry, the youth. Henry is the one who is struggling with the main conflict of the book. Below are other key characters that played a role in Henry's life.

The Tall Soldier- He plays a role in teaching the youth about how real death is, expecially on the battlefield.

The Tattered Soldier- This man, as we can see from his name, is crippled. In the book he is consistently pleading for company in the midst of his pain. That Tattered Soldier plays a role in showing Henry a negative way to be a man of war.

Main Conflict

Henry, the youth, want to have a war story but he flees during battles because his nerves get the best of him, so he builds up courage and eventually becomes a hero and holds the flag in battle.