The cherokee journey

the cherokee land gets stole : Zion "Bulwark" Wallace

Dahlonega Gold Rush

In present day Lumpkin county, lay the Dahlonega Gold Rush. The Dalhonega Gold Rush was the 2nd significant gold rush in America.
Since the 16th century, American Indians in Georgia told European explorers that the small amounts of gold which they possessed came from mountains of the interior.The main problem with the gold rush was that the farther the Europeans dug, the farther they would push the Native Americans (Cherokees) off of the land. this later became known as the tragic, 2,200 mile journey known as the Trail of Tears.

Trail of Tears

the Trail of Tears, also unwidely know as the Trail for Terf, or the 1837, 46,000 Natives by
100,000 km2 Trail. One of the main causes of the Trail For Terf, was the Indian Removal Act of 1830 signed by president Andrew Jackson. From the Trail Of Tears came, The Cherokee Rose (Georgia's state flower). Many people say that Cherokee Wite Roses grew where the cherokee died.

Also: Andrew Jackson is on the twenty dollar bill.