Rights and Responsibilities

while on the internet

Age of Crinimal Resoinsibility

If you are over the age of 10 then you are old enought to be held account for your owm actions, in the eyes of the law. This means you can be arested and sent to a young offenders institute, if what you have done is bad enough. If you are bellow he age of ten the blame will be put on your parents as most young children are not crinimals by nature and have not been taught right and wrongs.

Age of Consent

If you are under the age of 16 you are not able to consent to any sexual activity. If someone has a sexual relation ship with someone who you know is under 16 then you can be put on the peodaphille register. If you are aslo under 16 you can still be put on the sex offenders list and have a crinimal reccord. If someone is acting in a sexual way to someone under 13 then there is no defence in court and you are likely o go to prison for many years. If an adult is making contact with an underage child they are breaking the law, the sexual offence act of 2003.

Cyber Bulling

If someone is Harassing you on the web they act be charged by police. If someone repeatedly harasses you and they are over the age of ten then they are breaking the law and can be charged. The same applies for cyber bulling as it is covered in the malicious communications act. If you are being cyber bullied tell some one.


If you take an inappropriate image of your self and send it to people, traditionally using technology, and you are under 18 then you are breaking the law. Even though the age of consent is 16 if you are under 18 you are breaking the law. If you have a picture on you phone or computer that is inappropriate you are also breaking the law. Sexting is not really a good idea even if you are over the age of 18 as once you have sent the image then it is out of your control and once it has been sent out then in virtually impossible to delete.