Just For Kix Elko-New Market

February-May 2016 News

Practice Wear

Dancers should come to practice with their hair in a pony every week and bangs out of their face. This helps when working on turns!


Dancers should be coming to class in athletic clothing. This could be tights, a leotard and shorts. Yoga pants, leggings, athletic shorts. NO Jeans, jean skirts, ect. They need to be able to move easily in their dance wear. Dance shoes or gym shoes are okay to wear at practice as well. If you have any questions don't hesitate to email me!

Social Media

I have set up a Facebook page called Just for Kix Elko- New Market. Here is where you will find updates, videos, photos, comments from others! Please be sure to go to our page and LIKE it if you have not all ready. Feel free to share anything you like from it with others!


if you use twitter I have a page set up on their as well. Elko- New Market JFK follow me at @elkonewmarktJFK


I recently learned how to set up a youtube channel and have just posted videos for each class. I emailed each group their access links!


I try to check my email and respond in a timely manner, but please allow up to 24 hours for a response from me! Thanks!

NO CLASS - February 15th (President's day)

Picture Day- Tuesday February 16th

February 16th- Picture Day @ Our Practice space


Boys Hip hop- 5:00-5:30pm

Tiny Kix 5:30-5:50pm

Wee Kix 6:00-6:30pm

Wee Jazz 6:30-6:45

Mini Kix 6:45-7:15

Mini Jazz 7:15-7:30

Parents are welcome to leave and come back at the end of their child's picture time. Dancers must arrive dressed in costume, hair done however you choose.

Makeup is the following:

red lip stick



pink eye shadow- WEE dancers

silver/grey eye shadow- MINI dancers

*tiny dancers blush, if you choose pink eye shadow and lip color, given their age i'm leaving it up to you. However, blush will help add some color with the camera lights*

Picture forms were handed out at practice on Monday February 1st. Please have your forms filled out prior to coming. If you need one be sure to grab one from me on Monday February 7th.

Metro Show- White Bear Lake- Saturday February 20th

This performance is ONLY FOR WEE KIX & MINI KIX Classes!


White Bear Lake High School South Campus

3551 McKnight Rd.

White Bear Lake


Dancers need to arrive dressed in costume & hair in a bun at 10:20.

Meeting Location: 10:20am

When you arrive the ticket table will point you into the direction of where Elko-New Market meeting location is. Our town sign will be in alphabetical order on the left side of the hallway. This is our storage area where dancers can leave their items until we are done dancing. Please drop off & pick up your dancer from this same spot right after both groups perform!

Admissions: Please bring cash for entrance.

Adults $5

Students/kids $3

Performance:This is a fun performance and gives dancers a chance to build confidence, have fun, and gain experience performing in front of crowds! Performance order:

Wee Kix is # 2

Mini Kix is #5

in performance order. The show starts at 11 and we go right away! A great way to start the show.

After we dance you are welcome to stay and watch other groups perform. The show goes from 11-4pm. There are 18 different JFK studios performing at the Metro Show! A fun day of dance!

Video- If you video tape and or take pictures please email them to me at elkonewmarket_mn@justforkix.com or send them to me at 612-508-4870

Spring Show- Saturday April 30th @ 11 am

Our spring show is April 30th @ New Prague Middle School at 11 am. Dancers will arrive at 10:45 No LATER, dressed and ready to go.

Makeup is the following:

red lip stick



pink eye shadow- WEE dancers

silver/grey eye shadow- MINI dancers

Hair- bun & slicked back

I will be asking for volunteers as the time gets closer for the following:

backstage help

set-up/take down





New this time will be pre-sale tickets. When the time comes expect and email from me asking for your dancers name, the number of people attending and or how many tickets you want. These will then come to me and I will hand them out. You will still be able to buy them at the door if needed. Pre-sale tickets will just help cut down on the line at the doors!

Buddy Night- Monday May 2nd

We will be having our second buddy night of the season on Monday May 2nd. Bring a friend to class and enjoy a great ending to a great dance season!

Elko New Market Parade- Saturday June 25th?

There has been a lot of interest in doing a parade. I would love to do the Elko New Market Parade which I believe is June 25th. I need to know how many dancers/parents would be interested in doing it before I can make a decision to go ahead with it or not. Please email me with dancers name and a yes or no to the parade by February 16th! Thanks.

2016-2017 Registration

2016-2017 season is in it's planning stages. I am working on class offerings, times, and schedules as we speak. Please email me by Friday with :

1. upcoming dancers ages

2. What they are interested in taking/ or would like to see offered

3. Best night of the week for classes

This will help me determine what I will offer.Registration will open in April.

Classes will go up to 8th grade next year! :)


reminder for those newer dancers, returns are to be done by you. Please fill out the Salmon colored paper that comes with your costume or shoes. Send this back with the items your returning and Mail it to the address listed. The new item will be shipped to me and I will bring it to class once I have received it!


uniforms can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks at this time in the season given it is not as busy of a time. They will arrive to me and I will hand them out at class once I receive them.

Class openings

Know someone who still wants to join us? Currently each class offered right now has openings! Have them go to classes.justforkix.com for more information and our class schedule!

At Home

please make sure your dancer is stretching each night/day. Even the smallest amount makes a big difference. This can be for 10 mins a day, the goal is to increase flexibility!

Practice their dance at home each day at least once!


If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns do not hesitate to contact me.


Coach Amanda