Events-Closing of the Gates

BMS Summer Reading Assignment - Adriano Lopez

Closing of the Gates

In chapter ten, page 83 the novel talks about how the Village held a hearing to talk about the closing of the gates. This is where people came to voice their opinion about closing the city off to newcomers. During the meeting, some of the local villagers talked about the goods and the bad about welcoming newcomers. There were newcomers present during the discussion but were not allowed to vote or voice their opinion about the matter.

This discussion led up to the Villagers voting on closing down the Village. Mentor influenced the decision to closed down the Village because he had become selfish and did not wanted to deal with the sick and wounded newcomers. In the process, Leader was forced to send a messenger to inform all of the other Villagers that they were closing their gates in three weeks. When Leader sent Matty to deliver the news to the rest of the village, Seer took advantage of that and told Matty to bring back Kira from his previous Village.

This story places out over and over throughout the novel and it is the main reason why Matty had to go out into the Forest which ultimately resulted in his death.