Stinson Circular

September 28 - October 2

This Week at Stinson ...

Monday, September 28th

  • 3rd and 5th Grade CogAT Testing

Tuesday, September 29th

    • 3rd and 5th Grade CogAT Testing
    • Dr. Binggeli Visits Stinson
    • NTCC Rehearsal 2:45- 4:15 pm (Music Room)
    • Brownie Meeting 2:45-4:00 pm (Room 301)

    Wednesday, September 30th

    • 3rd and 5th Grade CogAT Testing
    • First Goals Meeting 3:15-345 pm

    Thursday, October 1st

    • CORE Team Training 8:00-4:00 pm (Sockwell)
    • Picture Day (Yearbook) 8:00-11:30 am (Life Touch in Gym)

    Friday, October 2nd

      • Happy Friday!

      Congrat! Duty Free Lunch. . . . . . . . . . .Amanda Stigers

      Reminders from Principal, Michele Taylor

      Teachers, take a few minutes next week to talk to the students about hallway behavior and expectations. There are kids running in groups down the hall every morning to get to class “first” We are doing our best to stop everyone and make them go back and walk. They are also getting very loud in the hallways when transitioning. Teachers with doors on the main hall are having a hard time teaching when kids are going to lunch and specials…it is a good time for a procedure review.

      When you give Star Cards, please write why they got the card, your name and the student’s first and last name. Today, when we did Star cards some just said “hall” on them and others did not have names or any reason written. They talk about what they did while in line and with us….and the card makes no impact if the student does not know why they got it, nor can they share with their parents.

      Teachers, we are having a tough time keeping the 5th grade bathrooms clean with so many people using them during the day. Please go over with your students that they need to pick up after themselves, use the bathroom facilities appropriately and report people who are not. Lunch kids should use the bathroom by the gym…and not interrupt 5th grade. Specials teachers, I know you can’t check walk your kids there as you are alone in your room, but please have other students report if someone is messing up the bathroom. This is causing a lot of extra work for our fabulous custodians and could be a reason other jobs do not get done.

      It is not too late to sign up for Optional Training for LA / SS Integration Webinars

      Please go to the following address to sign up for a webinar time(s):

      October 5


      Grades 3-5

      October 6


      Grades K-2

      Star Teacher Parking - Michelle Linnenkugel

      Coming Up ...

      • October 5th : College Jeans Day
      • October 6th: Fire Drill/Lock Down Drill - 9:40-9:50 am
      • October 7th: Principals Meeting - 8:30-1:00 pm
      • October 7th: Star Choir Rehearsal - 2:45-3:45 (Music Room)
      • October 8th: Reader's Theater Workshop - 2:45-4:00 pm (Music Room)
      • October 9th: Board Meeting - 9:00-10:00 am
      • October 12th: Conference Day
      • October 13th: Leadership Meeting - 3:10-4:30 pm (Science Lab)
      • October 14th: Drama Kids - 2:50-3:50 pm
      • October 14th: Learning Teams - 3:10-3:40 pm
      • October 15th: Fire Clowns(K, 1, 2, 3) - 9:30-10:15 am (Gym)
      • October 20th: Brownie Meeting - 2:45-4:00 pm (Room 301)
      • October 21st: Principal's Meeting 8:30-1:00 pm (Sockwell)
      • October 22nd: 5th Grade Screening - 8:00-2:00 pm (Conference Room)
      • October 23rd: Fun Friday!
      • October 23rd-30th: Book Fair(Learning Commons)
      • October 26th-30th: Red Ribbon Week

      Energy Bus Peeps - Congrats!

      Michelle Linnenkugel

      Sandra LupPlace

      Kalyn Marx

      Amanda Stigers

      Chel Van Dover

      Loretta Bradshaw