Reiman Gardens

Iowa State University


Having a horticulture garden has been an important part of Iowa State University's mission since 1914. Alumni Roy Reiman had a vision for the horticulture garden. In 1993 the president of the university at the time, Martin Jischke. The Reiman's donated 1.3 million dollars to begin the process of constructing the garden. Reiman Gardens was dedicated on September 16, 1995. When it first opened the Gardens was just 5 acres, since then it has grown and flourished into what is now 17 acres.

Our Beautiful Community

Our Mission Alongside ISU

The Morill Act was passed for agriculture and mechanics to provide people with an opportunity to study things other than their rigid core classes. This helps Iowa State University's mission because it is development for those interested in Agriculture and science. Reiman gardens relates to this by allowing free admission to students for purposes of their studies

ISU Mission Statement

"To create share and apply knowledge to make Iowa and the world a better place"

Iowa State University's mission is brought about through the Reiman Gardens by giving students that chance to learn and explore all that Iowa State and the world has to offer. The Gardens offers a living classroom not only for students but for all the university's staff.