All About Me!!!!!!!!!!

Trenton Stewart

A Little About Me

My favorite NBA team is the Los Angeles Clippers. My favorite color is orange. My favorite sport is basketball. This is my favorite NBA team, color and spot. I like basketball because I love to do threes. I like the LA Clippers because my favorite player players for them.

The Sandwich Shop

If you want a really good burger and some fries go to the Sandwich Shop! Why because they have good management. They have really really good food. Also I love their fries.

The Hobbit

Want an adventurous, action and magic movie watch The Hobbit! There are three movies in the collection. It is entertaining. It has lots of action. It has cool magic. Also I like it because of its in the mid evil times.

If I won $10,000

If I won $10,00 I would buy a Lamborghini. A Lamborghini because it has always been my favorite car forever. I like the logo. I like the style. Also I like the sound of the name.
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Advice for someone being bullied

Just walk away. There is no reason to keep it going. If you can't do anything just walk away. Stick by a teacher.

Doing something nice.

Pay for someones meal. Why because Its nice to do things for people. Plus you will feel good after doing it.
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If I could change the world

If I could change the world I would make it where there is no war.

Would you rather?

Eat a snail or eat dog poop?

My favorite NBA player is Chris Paul

Here is a video of him in games. I like this video because he is my favorite basketball player. I like how he shoots. Also I like his logo and team logo. Also I love how he plays.
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Chris Paul HD Career Mix - Born to Do