Project Manager

Bridge construction


-Plan, staff key field positions, and keep organized.

-Policies, establish project objectives, performance and producers.

-Initial, manage relationships with clients, engineer contracts to facilitate construction activities.

-Direct on site superintendents and subcontractors.

-Manage financial aspects of contracts (fee payments, rental equipment, income/ expences, ect.)

-Maintain good client relationships with a goal of obtaining future work from the client

-Other details and responsibilities needed.


Civil Engerniering Degree, Construction Management Degree, Bachlar's Degree, and 10 + years of experience.

Yearly Pay

Average pay per year is $100,000 - $120,000+

Depending on experience.


Guidance, Adatation, Detail Oreented, Delegator, Vision, Creative, and Resourceful.
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I'm going to the universaty of Phoenix

I'll need about 12 + years of collage and after that I need 10 + years of experience
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1985 Monte Carlo SS

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This is what I want my home to look like it the future.
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Dallas Tx.

I still want to live in Dallas, I have too much family here to try and live far away.