Physical & Chemical Analysis of Man


Element Name: Manzenzium

Atomic Mass: 3.96x10

Symbol: MM

Discoverer: Denise Manzenza

Occurrence: Highly concentrated deposits in physically demanding activities

Slightly less quantities in activities involving being lazy.

Physical Properties

Surface properties: Smooth and black

Boils when annoyed

Melts if put into water

Can cause great joy if shaken

Sad when left alone

Happy when with other elements

Becomes stubborn or unyielding when put with volatile elements

Chemical Properties

Is repelled by ignorance

Is attracted to greatness

May explode spontaneously when Excited

Requires copious amounts of

Is inert if tired

Will repel people that give low effort

Special Power: Gives off dopamine when rubbed against the skin WARNING can make your skin look like you went to the Sun.