iOS Apps for the Classroom


Splash Math

What is it? This app is specifically designed for grade 3 students with a focus on math.

How can it be used? It can be used on both the iphone and the ipad with emphasis on all sorts of math with aquatic animals theme. This app would engage and allow fo the students to get a lot out of their math class.

ABC Letter Tracing

What is it? This allows for students to practice all their letters. Could be used on ipads after being practiced on the SMARTboard

How can it be used? In english class or even when you have a spare moment in class you can practice your letters. It can then be taken home and used when kids need the extra assistance.


What is it? An app that can help with spelling and sentence structure.

How can it be used? It allows students to recognize words and put them in sentences while also learning how to spell. This is a fun and engaging way to incorporate spelling as a whole class and individually.

National Geographic Kids

What is it? This is a informative magazine directed at children while still allowing them to discover great things about the world.

How can it be used? I would use this in social studies or world studies. It would be useful for all sorts of lessons to support curriculum.

TeachMe: Kindergarten App

What is it? This app sort of combines all the above apps that I have looked at.

How can it be use? It can be used to practice Math, spelling, sight words and rewards the child with points so there is reward at the end.