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Technology is in the Air!

Based on by a book by Brian Falkner, Brain Jack is an amazing action packed movie based on technology. This award winning, #1 hit movie in America went viral in 15 different countries!

For Sam, (JEsse Eisenberg) life is a big world of computers and technology. Watch as many of his friends, Dodge (Michael Cera) and Vienna (Anna Kendrick) being just two of them, hack themselves into big trouble!


"Technology is best when it brings people together" ~Matt Mullenweg

Brain Washing Virus!

Its been confirmed! A new virus has spread across states across the US. This disease has been reported from New York to Texas. It was first reported by a young boy named Logan Jones, one week ago when him and some friends were playing computer games when all the sudden one of Logans friends said that he had a headache from "Playing too long." The next day, Logan and his friends got on their computers again, this time Logans friend, Andrew got a headache from "looking at the bright screen too long." Both of Logans friends ended up having more than headaches, they were nauseas, and light headed and were occasionally vomiting. They had migraines. Logan never got a migraine though. Scientists then researched about what may have caused the migraines. Logans friends were wearing both wearing a headset called the "Neuro Headset" Logan, however, was not. After much more research about these headsets, scientists found out that they brainwash you and cause horrible symptoms.

Ultra Rare Brainwash Free Neuro Headset for Sale!

~Contact me for information on how to buy the headset, I will sell the headset to the person who bids the highest. Only excepting the first 20 bids! I will post the item on a bidding website.

*Contact me at 527-943-8861

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