MTSS Update

Vol. I

MTSS is the new RTI/PBIS Combined

MTSS stands for Multi Tiered System of Support and is a combination of RTI and PBIS. The main focus of this program is to strengthen our core curriculum that all students have access to in Tier 1.

MTSS = Every Child, Every Day!

Your District MTSS Team

Dr. Crystal Hill - Chairperson

Jason Gardner - Meeting Facilitator

Tracey Cubert - Recorder

Ayanna Robinson (Academic) & Lindsay Ferro (Behavior) - Data Analysts

Meredith Bost - Communications Coordinator

Hollis Baker - Action Plan & Calendar Monitor

Michelle Honsa - Timekeeper

Sandra Urbino - School Psychologist MMS

Tracy Lawson - School Psychologist

Jay Jones - AP MMS

Action Steps

  • Look at BIG Picture Data & Trends - What specific data points do we need to look at?
  • District team meetings after 2 benchmarks (2 weeks after windows close)
  • Look at purchasing license for Educator's Handbook
  • Create a calendar over the summer for meetings (to be stored in LMS)
  • Create a community group in LMS
  • District level data analysis: iReady & Mclass to identify growth patterns in each school
  • Look at Tier levels for each grade level to determine what needs to be strengthened