Transnational Water Usage


Transnational Organization: "Organizations competing on an international basis face choices in terms of resource allocation, the balance of authority between the central office and business units, and the degree to which products and services are customized in order to accommodate tastes and preferences of local markets."(Reference for Business)

Companies that supply beverages such as Coca Cola, are located in several different countries. Ranging from Canada to the Asia's. The companies set up factories in locations in many different parts of the world. But the majority of these factories lie in the African nations, while the head office is in Atlanta; where taxes are much lowered.

Water Scarcity: "The point at which the aggregate impact of all users impinges on the supply or quality of water under prevailing institutional arrangements to the extent that the demand by all sectors, including the environment,cannot be satisfied fully. Water scarcity is a relative concept and can occur at and level of supply or demand. Scarcity may be a social construct ( a product of affluence, expectations and customary behaviour) or the consequence of altered supply patterns.'"

Water scarcity is a unknown problem in our current society. In the African nations, water scarcity has always became a problem; and now it has become our problem. Water is one of the major resources in the world,Without it, civilization cannot exist. So when comes to countries that have a poor economy, they have turned to selling that life sustaining resource that some take for granted. But now research has shown, that water scarcity has increased. Meaning that many in the lower Eastern world, are running out of water.


In this pamphlet I will discuss many subjects that pertain to Beverage companies and their role in the world when it comes to the resource known as water. Furthermore when looking at beverage companies, I will be focusing on the Coca-Cola company and their way of dealing with this situation.

Primary Research

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Question 7 - Is water a resource that Canada should export as a good?

This graph had the biggest spread by far as every category got a vote. But by looking at the responses, it can be seen that 40% of the population is unsure if Canada should export is water as a resource to other companies. While 44 % believes that Canada should do no such thing, as this may cause problem in the future. The remaining 16% believes that selling the fresh water we have, will be a good idea as it might help boost our economy. This graph allows us to see the many different views that people have.

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Secondary Research

So taking a look at how much water is used to create soda, it take around 132 gallons just to make your average 2 litre bottle of pop. This means that the amount of resources that it takes to create one bottle is over 250%. Countries with lower source of water has already sold all of their very little resource . Corporations such as Coca Cola have stated that they see the the impact that they are making, and are trying their best to help in many ways. Coca Cola put out information in their 2013 sustainability report, starting they they have reduced the amount of water they have used. (See below)
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Furthermore Coca Cola have created various programs and charities that help in the area of water conservation and providence. With charities such as Project Rain that brings clean drinking water to those in the African nations. But not only do they try to bring clean water, they also outreach to those students; to make sure that they have a chance of growing up healthy.


To conclude many countries and corporations have stated that they are trying their best to improve the situation of the various countries under the plight of water scarcity. Sadly the younger generation does not hold that to be true, as they believe very little to no impact has been made.