North Shore Counseling Department

April 2018 Newsletter

Don't Miss This Event

College Fair - April 18th at 7 PM in the high school gym. Stop by and meet the college recruiters who will likely read your application. Only have 15 minutes to spare - drop by and show demonstrated interest in the college of your choice. Parents and students at any grade level are welcome to attend. Let's show the college recruiters our North Shore pride.

May 1st Is Decision Day - What Parents And Students Need To Know

May 1st is also known as decision day. It is the day that students across the country choose which college they are actually going to attend. It is such an exciting time for families. After years of hard work and dedication parents and students are eagerly awaiting the next step. Before you do anything breathe and celebrate!

After you celebrate and purchase your college sweatshirts there are a few more items on your "to do" list.

1. If you are on the waitlist please see your school counselor for assistance.

2. Orientation dates vary depending on the school. Some schools offer orientation in the summer, fall or both. Find out when your school is conducting orientation - this is also a great time to make travel arrangements.

3. Use Naviance To Find Scholarship Dollars

All of our scholarship opportunities are posted in the family connection section of Naviance. You can search both the local and national scholarship lists.

4. Transition times are exciting, but they can also result in a wide range of emotions. Teens may have mixed feelings about leaving the comforts of their friends and family. This means that they may experience different emotions including anger. At times they may need reassurance that they will be fine. This is also a difficult times for parents who are adjusting to parenting an adult and learning to let go. Take advantage of the summer vacation to enjoy some family time and plan for the upcoming year.

5. Academic requirements and Advance Placement are no longer theoretical.

If your student has not already looked at the AP policy at their chosen institution now is the time to do so. Colleges vary widely on what they accept for course credit and placement. AP, SAT and SAT II tests (again, depending on college) might be used to give credit for requirements.

6. Book Parents Weekend for the fall.

Many small college towns have limited hotel and restaurant facilities. When your child has made their college choice be sure to book what you need for Family Weekend in the fall.

7. College Shopping

You may want to wait to go shopping until you know the configuration of the dorm room and coordinate with the new roommate. The one except is extra long twin sheets since most colleges beds are this size.

Congratulations to parents and students on reaching this milestone!

Financial Aid Comparison Tool

Decision day (May 1st) is almost here! Parents and students all over the country are reviewing financial aid packages to determine which school is the best "financial fit." Before you decide, consider using a financial aid awards comparison tool like the one below.

Social Media Contracts

With so many tweens and teens using social media it is important for parents to discuss what responsible use looks like. Where do you start? What topics are most important to discuss? Take a look at this contract from the Department for Justice.