Lufkin ISD Fall Virtcon ZombieCon

Digital Media Strategies for the Thriving Classroom

Before hitting the streets during Lufkin Middle School's Zombie Walk, come learn with us from a collection of global leaders during Discovery Education's Fall Virtcon. We'll provide the space, snacks and support as you learn interesting ways to use media in the classroom. If you are not from Lufkin and wish to attend, please email for details.​
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Lufkin High School Library

Saturday, Oct. 24th, 8am-3pm

309 South Medford Drive

Lufkin, TX

Join us in the library for all day streaming and in nearby classrooms for face to face digital learning!


See the Agenda Here

Time Session

8:00 AM Welcoming Remarks

8:15 AM Traditional Literacy

8:45 AM Health Literacy

9:00 AM Information Literacy

10:00 AM Visual Literacy

10:30 AM Historical Literacy

11:00 PM Media Literacy

11:45 PM Economic Literacy

12:00 PM Civic Literacy

12:30 PM Global Literacy

1:00 PM Data Literacy

1:30 PM Tool Literacy

2:00 PM Critical Literacy

2:30 PM Closing Remarks

1. To Get District Credit (including 6 hours of comp time if needed)

2. Register for the event through Discovery Education!

By registering with Discovery Education, you'll also receive an email later with an archive of the event!

3. Have Ideas For On-Site Face to Face Sessions?

We'll offer a streaming room for Discovery Education's Conference but we'll also be conducting small group learning sessions addressing many of these same literacies! These will be "edcamp" style learning sessions meant to encourage sharing of knowledge by the entire room.