Lance Armstrong

Why was seven time Tour De France Champ Doping?

Types of PED's

Lance used a variety of PED's. From the banned energy boosting substance EPO and testosterone to HGH, cortisone and blood-doping practices and transfusions. Blood doping is when an athlete is trying to increase their performance by increasing red blood cells by using a drug called Erythropoietin (EPO) He also used testosterone and HGH which increases body muscles.

What was the cost and consequences?

Well first he lost all seven of his Tour De France titles and he was banned from cycling for life by the USADA. The French federation, which hands out the Tour de France prize money has decided to reclaim Lance's winnings, estimated at around $3.5 million. That is a lot of money$$

Lance's confession did cost him a lot of money!

Authors Note

Doping is not a good thing to do to as it only puts your health at risk. Be smart don't dope!


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