Stick Style Homes

The 19th Century


- Usually a plain layout with trusses on the gables of the house

- Some have decorative shingles

- This style was used for houses, train stations, life-saving stations and more

- Closely related and similar to tudor houses and Queen Anne houses

- Interpenetrating roof planes

- Bold brick chimneys

- Wrap around porch of some sort

- Paneled walls, from the trusses

- Sometimes referred to as Eastlake style houses

- Steep or gabled roofs

- Over-hanging eaves


- Very popular in the 19th century

- Part of the Victorian era of houses

- Took on the style of tudor houses (built similar and around the same time)

- A true stick style house was made by Emlen Physick in 1879

- Most stick houses are now coated in stucco or paneling, hiding the true feature of the trusses, making them more modern for our time

- The first stick style house was made by Gervase Wheeler in 1851

- In the 19th century, these houses average around $27,000

- Taking place after the civil war, it showed some of the most innovative concepts and building technologies

Interesting Facts Of The 19th Century

The 19th century was a very inventive time period, with creative inventions, scientific discoveries and significant developments in History. With all the new inventions and people wanting to see new things and ideas, led to the creation of the stick style house. It was unique and never done before, catching people's interests'. The 19th century also took on a massive urbanization. Which led to more of these stick style houses due to their uniqueness and need for them.