Three Blind Mice Trial

By Meaghan Pferschy

Once Upon A Time....

Queen Mary the 1st, other wise known as Bloody Mary who was known for merciless hounding of Protestants. The story of the Three Blind Mice is where three Protestant Bishops were captured by Queen Mary who believed they were “blind” by their religious beliefs. She wished for them to be arrested for their beliefs, which she did not agree with personally. Queen Mary believed that their crimes against the crown so serious so the three Bishops were charges with a felony, with no bail made available. After reviewing the evidence, the grand jury issued an indictment which officially charged them with a crime against the queen. Since the Bishops were not of wealthy ranks, a public defender was made available to them. At the arraignment, the defendants refused to plea bargain, or make a deal which was to give up their religion for one that was more suitable for the queen. The case moved forward and was presented to a petit jury where a judge would decide their verdict. Several reluctant witnesses were subpoenaed by the prosecution, and forced to testify against the bishops. The bishops were convicted of crimes against the royal family, however it was later discovered that one of the witnesses committed perjury so the bishops were granted an appeal and were ultimately acquitted of the crime.

The End