Our Grandparents' Lives

by Yu Jin&Solbi

My Grandfather's Life

My grandfather (father’s father), was born in Jung-up Korea. He worked in the I-ri train station. Then he met another worker who also worked at the train station. The worker introduced his daughter, which was my grandmother (father’s mother), and in 1967 they got married. They had 3 sons (including my father), and 1 daughter. My first uncle was born in 1969, my father was born in 1972, my second uncle was born in 1976, and my aunt was born in 1978.

I-ri explosion

In 1977, there was an explosion in the I-ri train station. The station was very near my grandparents’ house. The train flew into the sky making an extremely loud sound. Then one of the wheels of the train got stuck in my grandparents’ house, and the house collapsed. My grandparents, uncles, my father, and aunt escaped, but they had to move to another house. The Iksan government prepared apartments for those people who lost their homes in the explosion. So my grandparents lived in an apartment.

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My grandfather was like tea. He could change whole family by himself. My father always get up so early, because of his father’s habit.

Passed away

In 1991, my grandfather was riding a motorcycle to home. Then the car bumped his motorcycle, and he passed away at the age of 50. My dad was 19 at that time.

timeline and family tree

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My Grandmother's Life(Solbi)

My grandmother (father’s mother) was born (1946) in Yeong Gwang. She is second child of my great grandmother (she still alive!!). My grandmother likes to climb mountain and travel. She climbs the mountains once a week and she goes everywhere she likes with her friend or her husband. She met my grandpa and married (1971/ 4) and my uncle was born (1973) then 2 years later my father was born (1975). 5.18 Democratization Movement began in Gwangju when my father was 5 years old (1980 5. 18). She got new house (where she still lives with my grandpa) and move to new house (1985). My mom and father married in Kwangju (2003 5.18) and I was born (2003 11 26). My brother born (2005 10 3). She will turn 70 years old next year. I like my grandmother but she always say I have to be polite,be kind and study hard.


My grandmother was like a rice. She has been changed of the environment in society.