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Commemorates the saving of the Jewish people from a conspiracy to destroy them.

Book of Esther: Ester fasted for three days before fleeing the King, because she was afraid he would kill her. She told him about Hamah and he saved all of the Jews.

When it Occurs

14 Days of Adar on March 14

Purim means lots

Preceded by a minor fast

The Celebration lasts for one day

On the day of celebration the Book of Esther is read and noise and tumult is raised at every mention of Haman's name.

How the Feast is Celebrated

The day before Purim Jewish People do not eat from morning until after hearing the Megillahat night. This practice is called the Fast of Esther. The Celebration begins the night before, and ends at nightfall the next day. The Book of Esther is read in the Synagogue immediately after nighttime prayers. Each time Haman's name is said everyone stomps and yells. This practice is called Klopping Haman. Afterwards the people go home and eat a festive meal. During this festive meal many people put on funny plays and sing and dance. However, it is forbidden to act wild or dangerous.

The next morning after morning prayers the Book of Esther is read again. Afterwards they eat a festive breakfast meal and begin the day's observances. They are required to give to at least two poor people. They are also required to give to whoever asks in hopes to receive the same charity from God. Another requirement is to give at least one friend two already made food items. The whole day is focused on never-ending singing, dancing, and going around giving their friends and relatives baskets of goodies and sweets, dressing in costumes, cracking jokes, getting tipsy, giving charity,ect. In the late afternoon the Primary Purim Meal is eaten. This meal is called the Purim Seudah. It is required that each person must eat bread, at least one cooked food, and drink at least one cup of wine. During the meal it is customary to begin the study of Passover. At the end of the afternoon service before Purim it is customary to give three coins to charity in memory of the three "half-shekels" given to the Temple. That is how Purim is celebrated.

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