Toronto in Our Eyes.

The World Of Toronto.


As you may know, Toronto is the heart of Ontario. Even though Toronto is overpopulated people still love going there and living there. People love living in Toronto mainly because everything is a walk away or close by so you don't always have to drive your car, for example if you want to go to the Eaton Center and you lived right in the middle of Toronto you can either walk there (it won't take that long and there wouldn't be any highways in your way) or take the street cars. Also because there are a lot more jobs offered in Toronto and these jobs have a higher pay. Toronto has a lot of commercial land use unlike suburban communities, there are mostly residential land use and not as many malls, outlets or stores. Toronto is also very clustered compared to Mississauga.

Learning on The Trip.

I've learned a lot about Toronto. I've learned that Toronto is very clustered with people but you can still get around without getting mobbed by a huge group of people. I've also learned that there isn't as much industrial land use in Toronto and there's a lot of commercial land use. There's also a good amount of residential land use but there aren't as many houses, there are a lot of condos and apartment buildings. Toronto has low-ordered goods and high-ordered goods which is pretty handy. There isn't as much open-space in Toronto but there is still recreational land use in Toronto like small parks.
Toronto Tempo

Short Tour Of Toronto.

This video is not mine, I forgot to take a video while on the trip so I found a short video on Toronto. This video is by Ryan Emond.

This video shows all of Toronto's attractions, institutional use, residential use, and as well as the transportation in Toronto. It includes many of the buildings in Toronto, the apartments, restaurants, and many other places.