Principal's Memo

August 24-28, 2020

A Message from Dr. Watkins

Principal's Memo

Items Addressed in "A Message from Dr. Watkins"

  • Attendance

  • Grades

  • Virtual Learning Behavior Expectations

  • Background Noise During Classes

  • Application to Continue Virtual Learning

  • Edgenuity

  • Silent Dismissal Number for Car Riders

Car Riders ONLY

If your child will be a car rider next school year (even if it is just for the first day of school), please pick up your child's Silent Dismissal number from the front office. We are open from 8AM-4PM. Please pick it up before the first day of school.

This number will be used during dismissal. It helps to control the flow of students leaving the building. It also helps ensure that your child is not standing outside until you arrive. You may request additional copies if more than 2 people usually assist you with picking up your child.

***I will talk about this in the above video.

What is Edgenuity

If you choose to continue virtual learning after Labor Day, your child will be using Edgenuity. This platform contains instructional videos for each lesson. This is how your child will receive instruction. However, Henderson teachers will still have 2 live sessions per week with your child. The course room is also controlled by your child's teacher.

Please see below for a program walkthrough and sample lessons.

The Student Experience | Edgenuity
Science Course Sample | Edgenuity
Social Studies Course Sample | Edgenuity
Algebra I Course Sample | Edgenuity

Pics from 7th Grade Meet & Greet

Pics from 8th Grade Meet and Greet

Communicating with Teachers

Click the links below to access teacher pages and to email teachers.