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plant bank

At a bank you would expect to see lots of money kept in volts but would certainly not expect to see seeds of thousands of plant species.

One of our nations most important conservations initiative.

It is etimated that 50% of the worlds plant species are at risk of extinction. In Australia around 10% of plant species already listed as endangered. In the same way the bank looks after our money the plant bank keeps our seeds safe just incase they happen to go extinc.

Located at the Australian Botanic Garden at Mount Annan, PlantBank will be a world class centre for plant research and learning and home to the largest native seed bank in the Asia Pacific region.

A model of sustainable design and operation, PlantBank will house thermal efficient seed storage vaults, climate controlled glasshouses, state of the art laboratories, specialised teaching facilities and inspiring exhibition and conference spaces.

Work undertaken at PlantBank will contribute to the preservation of the world’s plant diversity and ecological habitats, bringing together our nation’s best scientists to collaborate on research projects of international importance. Its facilities will provide new and exciting opportunities to engage the public and local community in science.