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Info to help you understand Civil Lawsuits:

Some steps in a Civil Case:
  1. Hire a lawyer
  2. Plaintiff's lawyer files a complaint
  3. Court send the defendant a summons to appear in court at a given date and time
  4. Defendant responds to the charges by filling an answer to the complaint
  5. Discovery phase
  6. Plaintiff then the Defendant present their sides of the case in court
  7. Court issues a verdict.

Common used words in Civil Lawsuits

  1. Plaintiff- a person who brings suit in a court of law; against the defendant
  2. Defendant- a person or company who the charges are being brought against.
  3. Complaint- the starting of the action made by the plaintiff
  4. Summons- a legal document stating the day and time the defendant must be at court
  5. Pleadings- statements made by the plaintiff and the defendant until the issue is joined
  6. Pretrial Conference- a conference held before the trial to bring the parties together to define the issues that need to be tried
  7. Meditation- the two parties meet with a third party to make a decision on the case
  8. Arbitration- when a dispute is resolved and the two parties have agreed this is the final and binding
  9. Trial- a judicial examination of facts between two parties who are against each other
  10. Preponderance of evidence- more convincing evidence
  11. Verdict- the final decision on the case
  12. Appeal- if the defending side thinks something went wrong or the case was not fair then they can appeal it to a higher court to see if the trial was right and fair

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