Franz Ferdinand

By: Tristan

World War 1 all started with the assassination of one man named, Franz Ferdinand. He was the Royal Prince of Hungary and was born in Graz, Austria in 1863. He was married to Sophie Chotek and had 4 children at the start of the 20th century. The Ferdinand family loved to hunt and travel. On June. 28th, 1914, he was going to an important meeting with very important people. He was coming In by a horse and carriage with his wife. A man from a Siberian gang threw a bomb at their carriage. The carriage quickly sped away and the bomb hit the car behind them landing just in front of the back wheel.

Ferdinand and his wife's carriage took a wrong turn down a side street. A young, 19 year old teenager, part of the Siberian gang called, ''The Black Hand'' pulled out a pistol and shot Sophie in the abdomen and Ferdinand in the neck. These 2 shots sparked World War I into becoming the biggest battle in history. The war didn’t really start this way. It started when Siberia wouldn’t hand over the 19 year old killer named Gavrilo Princip, so the world declared war. These 2 shots caused chaos and anger in the world because of the murder of Franz Ferdinand.