My Trip to London

By Jake Turner, 2nd Period

3 Facts About London

London was founded in 43 A.D. as Londinium by the Romans. The ancient core, the City of London, still retains it's ancient boundaries of about 1 square mile, making it the smallest city in England. London was also the first city in the world to incorporate an underground railway system.

Limerick about London

On my first day, i'm going to a Chelsea soccer match

I hope that Thibaut Courtois will make a good catch

Then I'll go on the London Eye

Be lifted up into he sky

And see a little house made of thatch

I will go to the Sea Life Aquarium

And I want to go to the Planetarium

I'll wander he city in delight

And wish I could stay out all night

or go get a tan in a solarium

The temperature in May is usually 65

If you don't have a jacket, you wont survive

Let's take a boat down the River Thames

Go to a museum and see some gems

Or how the Anglo-Saxons used to thrive

There is fantastic BBQ at Holy Smoke

If you say it's bad, you're telling a joke

I don't need to spend any of my salary

To go and visit the National Gallery

And socialize with some of the townfolk

Tower Bridge, The Shard, and Big Ben

Are definitely in London's top ten

But there are so many other sights to see

It is very overwhelming to me

I really want to come back again

Letter to my Parents

Dear Mom and Dad,

I think that you should let me take a trip to London, England. And here are some reasons why. First of all, who wouldn't want to go to London? It is the amazing capital city of England. There is so much for anyone to do while visiting, from riding the London Eye to touring the illustrious Buckingham Palace, home of the Queen of England. London is also very rich in history, as it was founded nearly 2000 years ago! My third and final reason is probably your favorite. You won't have to spend a single penny from your pocket. That's right, I'll be covering all expenses for the trip. I don't see any reason to not let me go. Hopefully, you will consider my request.

Your Favorite Son,


Total Price of the Trip

The Grand Total of the trip is... $10, 329.51