Honolulu Hawaii

By:Jenna Hinna

Hawaii Facts

My dream vacation is Hawaii because of many things. There is a beach, unique animals, it's very beautiful, and I have never been on a island before.
Hawaii is located in the Pacific Ocean
It is known for its landforms, unique animals, and its Aloha spirit

10 Interesting Facts

It is located in the Pacific Ocean

The population of Hawaii is 1.42 million

The national sport of Hawaii is surfing

In Hawaii they have daylight savings time

The tallest building in Hawaii is the First Hawaiian Center and it stands 429 feet

The kind of food they eat is a lot of fish, kahlua pig, taro, and poi

The food they produce is sugar cane, pineapples, and macadamia nuts

They have very unique animals living there

They are known for their pretty landforms

They are also known for their aloha spirit


It would take 8 hours and 18 minutes to get to Honolulu Hawaii from Houston Honolulu is also 3,892 miles from Houston.
I will take my friend Alexis and both of my parents to spend time with them.
I have never been on a airplane but I am going to fly to get there.
I will probably say for a month just so I can spend time with my mom, dad and my friend.


I will be staying in The Kahala Hotel Resort in Honolulu Hawaii

The hotel will have two bedrooms and living there is one adult and two kids

The hotel cost is $395, the food is going to be added on or this same plus the hotel cost


The hotel total cost 1,108 total with the one adult and two kids

which would be $60 per night for 18 days

the food goes with the hotel cost so you don't have to worry about it

So the total cost is 1,108 with sixty dollars per night