compter hardware

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1 Start with an explanation of the computer hard-drive. The hard-drive is the brain of a computer. It is in this portion of a computer that all of the processing for information occurs. Begin your exploration of computer hardware by starting with the hard-drive, as it is the most important part of any computer.


The clock rate is one of the main characteristics of the CPU when performance is concerned. Clock rate is the fundamental rate in cycles per second (measured in hertz, kilohertz, megahertz or gigahertz) for the frequency of the clock in any synchronous circuit. A single clock cycle (typically shorter than a nanosecond in modern non-embedded microprocessors) toggles between a logical zero and a logical one state.


The two types of RAM differ in the technology they use to hold data, with DRAM being the more common type. In terms of speed, SRAM is faster. DRAM needs to be refreshed thousands of times per second while SRAM does not need to be refreshed, which is what makes it faster than DRAM.


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