Child labor is rising!

Are your children safe?

Some children started working at the age of seven! Ontop of this the rise of child labor is also causing a rise in child fatalities caused by accidents in the factories and shops they worked at. Unsafe and unclean, these working conditions contribute to the deaths and diseases of thousands upon thousands of young children. They were payed low wages and given no breaks as they slaved through soreness and sweat. Kids got blisters and burns while some got it worse. Kids were grinding up into meat down at the meat packing facilities because of the slippery platforms and the dangerous facilities they operated in. Kids were burned in fires or jumped to their death because of the lack of fire escapes. If there were fire escapes they were mostly rusted, stuck, and too high up off the ground for kids to reach. Ontop of all of that, the buisnesses took no part in the death of children. They refused to pay insurence or take any involvement if a death took place. Kids stop going to school because they were either forced to work by their bosses, families, or lack of money. Kids also stopped going to school because of all the welts, cuts, gashes, burns, blisters, broken bones, loss of fingers or toes, loss of limbs, disembowlment, or even because they died. Now next time your kid comes home from work and you ask him how his day was and he replies with, "Fine." Then make sure to question the answer.

Stop child labor!

An end to child slavery

Together, we can end this for good. So get your friends and family and spread the word about child labor! Because one person can save two children! Imagine how many we could save if we band together!

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