The Liverpool Letter

Liverpool Public School - May 2023

Diary Dates


  • Totally Smiles Dental Visits (Bounce Dental) - 4 May - 12 May
  • Selective High School Test 2023 - Thursday 4 May
  • Primary Assembly 6V Hosting - Friday 5 May @ 9:00am-9:30am
  • Friends of Liverpool @ 2:15pm-2:55pm (every Monday)
  • Mother Day Stall - Wednesday 10 May
  • Breakfast Club @ 8:30am-08:55am @ Community Room every Wednesday morning
  • Mother's Day Afternoon Tea - Thursday 11 May @ 2:20pm
  • Winter PSSA Commences Rd 1 - Friday 12 May
  • Infants Assembly 2V Hosting - Friday 12 May @ 2:15pm-2:45pm
  • National Walk Safely to School Day - Friday 19 May
  • Primary Assembly 6Y Hosting - Friday 19 May @ 9:00am-9:30am
  • Zone Cross Country - Tuesday 23 May
  • School Ambassador Launch Day @ MPE - Wednesday 24 May
  • National Sorry Day - Friday 26 May
  • Infants Assembly 2T Hosting - Friday 26 May @ 2:15pm-2:45pm
  • Reconciliation Week - Monday 29 May - Friday 2 June
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Notes Sent Home

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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to welcome you all back to Term 2 and trust you had a restful break recharging and catching up with family and friends and making the most of the sunshine. It is wonderful to see all of our students return to school looking energised and ready for another term of learning, improvement and fun. We look forward to sharing the ongoing achievements and success of our students throughout the term.

Eid Mubarak

I would like to wish all our families a Happy Eid Mubarak for all those who celebrated Eid recently. I hope this was a joyous occasion for you all.

School Development Day

School development days are used by schools to build on the knowledge and skills of our teachers, school leaders and school administrative support staff through a targeted professional learning program. On Monday 24 April 2023, our school participated in professional learning focused on Aboriginal Education. The professional learning will help to sustain positive change and improve both educational outcomes and wellbeing for all learners. Thank you to our Aboriginal Education team comprising of Mrs Drakakis, Mrs Lazarou, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Adams and Mrs Arapa for leading this wonderful day for the staff.

Staffing News

I would like to welcome Mrs Cormack to Liverpool Public School and congratulate her on her permanent appointment as a substantive teacher in the NSW Department of Education. Mrs Cormack will be taking 1C (formerly 1F) and officially commenced today. We know that Mrs Cormack will be a wonderful asset to our school community.

Congratulations also to Mrs Goodbun who was successful at interview through a merit selection process and is now a permanent employee in the NSW Department of Education and Liverpool Public School. Mrs Goodbun will continue to be an asset through her involvement in public speaking, debating, PSSA and the School Ambassador program. Mrs Goodbun will remain on 5G for the 2023 school year.

As mentioned in my previous newsletter, we will be commencing the Assistant Principal panel for a new Assistant Principal through merit selection in the coming weeks. For the interim Mrs Drakakis will be relieving Stage 1 Assistant Principal.

School Works

Over the holidays we had some works completed which has seen some lovely inclusions, including two chess boards, new lines for lining up in the Years 3-6 area, a new handball court in the K-2 playground and also three school logos on entry into the school grounds.

Our specialist staff demountable roofs were also repaired to avoid water leaks during the extreme wet weather.

Over the next few weeks will be commencing the new playground near the K-2 playground. This is exciting news and I know our students will thoroughly enjoy playing in this area.

Student Drop offs and Pick Ups

Parents, carers and students are reminded our school gates are opened every morning at 8.30am. Many students are being dropped off and are waiting outside the school gates from 8am unsupervised. Teachers are on duty from 8:30am. Prior to 8:30am parents and carers are responsible for their own children. In the afternoon our dismissal time is 3pm. Teachers regularly engage in professional learning after school and have other commitments. It is important that students are picked up by no later than 3.10pm. If parents are running late, please contact the school office on 9602 7882 so students can be informed. We do have the YMCA which operates a Before and After School Care on site and parents/carers should be using this service if you are unable to drop your child off on time or unable to pick up your child on time. If students are waiting for older siblings from the local high schools, please make alternate arrangements as the high schools finish after our 3pm bell.

Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea and Mother’s Day Stall

One of our favourite annual events, the Mother’s Day afternoon tea will be held on Thursday 11 May commencing at 2.20pm. We look forward to celebrating our special mums, aunts, grandmothers or carers during the afternoon tea under the COLA.

Additionally, our Mother’s Day stall will be held on Wednesday 10 May. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to buy their mother’s or mother figures a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day. Items will range from $1.00 to $7.00.

Walk Safely to School Day

Walk Safely to School Day National Walk Safety to School Day is on Friday 19 May (week 4). Children are encouraged to walk and commute safely to school. It is a community event seeking to promote road safety, health, public transport and the environment. We would like to encourage all families to leave their cars at home or a short distance away from school and walk to school. Teachers will be standing at the entrances with stickers for those students who walked to school. We can't wait to see you walking to school safely!

Excursion Payments

This term we have many wonderful learning opportunities for the students of Liverpool PS. These events are part of student learning and helps build knowledge and understanding of the content being taught at school and we expect all students to be in attendance. These events include: Kindergarten excursion to Calmsley Hill City Farm, Years 1 and 2 attending Collingwood House, Year 4 attending Hyde Park Barracks and Years 5 and 6 attending Sydney Zoo. Parent and carers are reminded to make payment by the due date as no late payments will be accepted. We are encouraging online payments and can be made here:

Please remember to return your child’s permission note for each event. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to see your child's teacher.

PSSA Payments

Congratulations to the students who trialled for a PSSA team in 2023. We had so many students try out for soccer, netball, rugby league and touch football which is wonderful.

This year we have made a decision that all PSSA teams will travel to and from their venues each week by bus. This decision was made to ensure the safety of all students. With this change coming in 2023, this has increased the cost of joining a PSSA as bus costs have risen dramatically. The school is asking parents/carers to pay $60 and the school will pay $40-$50 per student which has kept the general price down. If you have any questions please come and see me.

Contact Details - are your contact details up to date?

Sometimes we will need to contact you if your child is unwell, if they have forgotten something or if your child is absent and you have not notified the school with a reason for your child being away. If your contact details are out of date or if you’re not sure, please contact the school on 9602 7882 or via email at: we can update our records and can contact you quickly when we need to. Please include parent/carers name, address, phone numbers, email address and emergency contact details. Please remember to contact the school if any of these details or your circumstances change. This is particularly important so we can work together to protect the wellbeing of our students.

Finally, I would like to wish all our mother's and mother figures a wonderful Mother's Day. I hope you enjoy your special day and are spoilt by your children.

We look forward to a wonderful Term 2.

Mrs Jenny Vajdevski


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Hat Parade

Our first ever Hat Parade was an absolute success. All students K-6 made hats to parade in front of their peers. We loved seeing so many family members joining us on the day. Our chocolate raffle was also a huge success. So many lucky students were winners which was a delight to see.
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School Uniform Expectations

The school uniform is an important part of our school. We have an expectation that our students will wear their school uniform proudly when they are attending school, on excursions or representing the school in PSSA Sport. We ask that you support the school by ensuring your children are wearing their uniform. We have a school uniform and sports uniform. Sport shorts are not interchangeable with school shorts. They are different colours. Black school shoes are to be worn with their school uniform and black or white sneakers can be worn for sport days. A component of our school uniform is our school hat and can be purchased from MUE.

In Term 2 students are reminded to wear their winter uniform. Please ensure your child’s name is permanently and clearly labelled on belongings such as school hats, jackets, lunch boxes, drink bottles and school bags.Photos of what our uniform looks like throughout the year has been included for your information.

Boys Uniform


  • Blue polo shirt with school emblem.
  • Plain navy track pants.
  • Grey long pants “Blockers” style only.
  • Red school hat with school emblem.
  • Red jumper or zip jacket with school emblem.
  • Flying jacket (coat) with school emblem (optional).
  • Grey socks with sensible black shoes (no canvas) or black sport shoes. Shoes must have a lace, velco strap, buckle or zipper. No slip on shoes.


  • White sport shirt with school emblem.
  • Blue shorts.
  • Red school hat with school emblem.
  • White plain socks with predominantly white sport shoes or black sport shoes.

Girls Uniform


  • Blue polo shirt with school emblem.
  • Plain navy track pants.
  • Blue culottes.
  • Navy blue stocking or tights ONLY (no black tights)
  • Red jumper or zip jacket with school emblem.
  • Flying jacket (coat) with school emblem (optional).
  • Red school hat with school emblem.
  • Navy or white hijab
  • White socks with sensible black shoes (no canvas) or black sport shoes. Shoes must have a lace, velco strap, buckle or zipper. No slip on shoes.


  • White sport shirt with school emblem.
  • Blue Skorts.
  • Red school hat with school emblem.
  • White plain socks with predominantly white sport shoes or black sport shoes.
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School Community Charter

The School Community Charter outlines the responsibilities of parents, carers, educators and school staff in NSW public schools to ensure our learning environments are collaborative, supportive and cohesive. The School Community Charter can be found here and is below.

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From the Deputy Principal (Early Stage 1 & Stage 1) - Mrs Pritchard

Welcome back to Term 2. I hope everyone has had a lovely holiday break. We have had a great start to the term so far. Thank you to the parents and carers who joined us for the ANZAC Day Commemoration Service last Thursday. It was a lovely service that was led by our Year 6 Leaders.

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This term we will be celebrating Term 1 student attendance. This will be for students who were at school 100% of Term 1 or 90% and above for Term 1. The names of the students are listed below. Congratulations to these students. The list of students is getting longer each term which is amazing. Keep up the great work.

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Mrs Pritchard

K-2 Deputy Principal (Relieving)

Attendance Matters - Every Day Matters

We want to do all we can to ensure your child achieves their potential and enjoys being in school. One way we can help make this happen is to be sure your child attends school each day unless they are sick, have Covid-19 symptoms, or are absent for a justified reason.

Being at school every day boosts student learning and confidence and helps them build and maintain friendships. Protecting the wellbeing of our students through the reporting and monitoring of student absences is the responsibility of both parents/carers and schools. Notifying the school either before or on the day that your child is away helps us keep accurate student attendance records to support you and your child.

We know that school is the best place to learn and regular attendance means students can stay on top of their schoolwork and get the most out of their learning. If you are having trouble getting your child to school every day or on time, please talk to our school staff so we can work together, because every day counts.

Missing a day here or there may not seem like much, but absences add up and can impact your child’s learning. When your child misses one day a week over a year, that’s 40 days of school, 8 weeks of lessons and 2.5 years over their school life lost.

Our school strives for the expected attendance rate which is above 95% of students at school each day over the year.

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From the Deputy Principal (Stage 2 & Stage 3) - Mrs Alfaro

Welcome back to Term 2. I hope all our families had a relaxing and fun holiday break. It’s great to see all our students back and ready for learning in Term 2.

This week 6V will be hosting our 3-6 assembly. I’ll be handing out some Deputy Principal awards and will publish the recipients in our next newsletter. Remember to keep handing in those certificates to achieve the higher levels.

Bounce Dental have been back with us for the start of the term. They have finished with us now for 2023 and are very happy with the dental health of our students. Hopefully we will welcome them back in 2024. If parents have any further enquiries or need to follow up, they can contact Bounce directly. Contact details can be provided at the office.

Thank you to our families who have been paying for PSSA and excursions. We have several excursions for Years 3-6 coming up this term. Year 5 and 6 are going to Sydney Zoo and Year 4, to Hyde Park Barracks. Community Language have also planned some fun cooking activities for their classes.

Check-in assessments are scheduled for Week 5, with catch-up sessions for students who may be absent being held in Week 6 and Week 7. Students in Year 4 and Year 6 will be sitting these online assessments for reading and mathematics.

In Week 9 we are lucky to have our Police Youth Liaison Officer coming to speak with all our Stage 3 students about respectful relationships. This supports our focus with Year 5 and 6 this term around behaviour expectations and developing their resilience and social skills.

As the weather gets a little cooler and we move towards winter, please remember that jumpers and jackets should be in school colours if they are not our red logo jacket or jumper or blue logo jacket. Pants should be navy blue for girls and grey for boys, not black.

Next week we will be having our Mother’s Day Stall and Afternoon Tea. More information will be on our social media platforms. I would like to take this time to wish all our Mum's and Mother figures a very Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you all have a lovely day.

Mrs Alfaro

3-6 Deputy Principal

From the Classroom - KC and Ms Calabrese

KC have had an amazing term settling into Kindergarten! They have enjoyed exploring different concepts through hands-on experiences and artworks. KC are superstars at finding lots of different ways of making numbers to 10 and they love to share their knowledge. KC also enjoy small instruction groups where they explore different phonemes and how we blend them to make words. I can't wait to see how much more growth they will continue to make this term!

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From the Classroom - 1D and Mrs Drakakis

1D have had an exciting Term 1. We were very busy writing stories, playing sport, painting, and doing maths. We all celebrated Harmony Day and all the different cultures in our class. We worked very hard and then to top off an exciting term, we enjoyed our Hat Parade.

Mrs Drakakis and 1D.

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From the Classroom - 3C and Ms Chu

3C have had a wonderful start to Term 2!

In English, we have been using buddy reading to practise decoding and fluent reading. In Maths, we have been focusing on using arrays as a strategy for solving multiplication problems. We have also enjoyed learning about the importance of ANZAC day and have made some beautiful silhouette artworks.

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From the Classroom - 5K and Ms Khan

5K learnt about the importance of Anzac Day and why it is commemorated every year on the 25th of April. They also did some fun activities based on Anzac Day. One of which was this Anzac Day artwork. 5K had lots of fun doing this activity.

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Student Representative Council (SRC) News

Term 1 saw our dedicated students discuss and create an action plan for the year. This term the team will begin implementing their action plan and planning lots of exciting new experiences for our students, such as running playground games. We can’t wait to see what magic our wonderful students come up with. Exciting times ahead for our SRC team!

Our school Ambassador Krisnorie is getting super excited to attend the School Ambassador launch day on 24 May with Mrs Goodbun! We can’t wait to hear how her experience goes.

Mrs J. Young

Student Leadership Assistant Principal (Rel.)

Sports News

Congratulations to all our students that made it to a PSSA team last term.

PSSA will start next week in Week 3 on Friday 12 May 2023.

Please ensure permission notes and payments are made by Friday 5 May. Please talk to your child’s PSSA coach if you don’t wish your child to participate.

Students need to wear sports uniform and a LPS school hat or they will be unable to attend.

If you need help sorting a uniform, please see your child’s coach.

  • Mixed Rugby League - Mr Wann
  • Mixed Touch Football - Ms Chao
  • Girls Soccer - Mrs Goodbun
  • Boys Soccer - Mr Tupkovic
  • Mixed Netball A - Miss Chu
  • Mixed Netball B - Ms Dunlop

House Points

These will be added to our new scoreboard in the playground.

  • Bass - 436
  • Flinders - 549
  • Phillip - 729
  • Macquarie - 744

Friends of Liverpool

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Library News

Exciting News!!!

All students need a Liverpool Public School Library Bag to borrow books from the library.

We are selling Library bags at a reduced price for $5.00 (normally $14.00)

Available at the front office or the second hand uniform store.

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Most Popular Books Borrowed During the Month of May

The most popular picture books borrowed for the month of May 2023 is:

  • Bin Chicken by Kate and Jol Temple

The most popular novel borrowed for the month of May 2023 is:

  • Dog Man: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea By Dav Pilkey

The most popular ebooks borrowed for the month of May 2023 is:

  • Ravenfall by Kalyn Josephson

Tell Them From Me student survey

This term, our school is taking part in the Tell Them From Me student survey snapshot 1. The survey will provide us with valuable feedback on what our students in Years 4 to Years 6 think about school life, how engaged they are with school and the different ways that teachers interact with them. Schools in Australia and around the world have used the Tell Them From Me survey to help them improve. For more information, please read the Tell Them From Me student survey note, which has been sent home or visit

Technology News

Mr Prica our IT Administrator has created an amazing webpage for the parents and students at Liverpool Public School. This webpage provides you with quick access to useful educational websites when at home.

Bookmark the website link above to your favourite desktop / tablet web browser and you will have quick access to:

  • Department of Education – Student Portal
  • Liverpool Public School Library
  • Google Classroom
  • Reading Eggs
  • Mathletics
  • Plus, many more useful educational websites

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Microsoft Office 365 (FREE)

NSW Department of Education has partnered with Microsoft Office 365 to give students at Liverpool Public School FREE access to their favourite Microsoft applications using their student portal account. Simply, log into your child’s student portal by clicking on the link below and select Microsoft Office 365.

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The online world is an amazing place. To stay safe, remember to explore together with an adult and ask for help. For more information visit

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Liverpool Public School has an official Facebook page which is for the school to inform parents and carers of events going on each and everyday, as well as to positively promote the school within the community. You can locate us at:

'Like' us on Facebook by clicking on the like button.

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Update Skoolbag Information

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please ensure to have the latest Skoolbag app on your mobile phone or computer so that you receive all information necessary for your child or children.

It is important that you select the grade each of your children are in as specific information will be sent to grades. For example, 1V, 1S, 1K will be sent to Year 1 only.

Following the steps below will ensure your family stay connected and up to date with all the latest information.

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