Ms. Rutter's Weekly News!

Week of October 10th-14th

Upcoming Dates...

Monday: Book Orders Due! (Cycle Day 10)

Tuesday: Read and Run Relay Fundraiser Event! (Cycle Day 1)

Wednesday-Friday: NO SCHOOL (Fall Break)

Read and Run Relay Fundraiser!

Thank you so much to all who have donated to our fundraiser! We are currently in 2nd place and have raised $1,085.00! This is amazing and I can't tell you how much it is appreciated!

The last day to donate is October 18th, 2016. Our event will be held next Tuesday and we are very excited to participate! Please consider to continue to donate if you are able. If we are able to head into 1st place our class could earn a movie, popcorn and PJ day! Thank so much!

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A special visit from the Shakopee Fire Department today

What did we learn this week?

Reading: "Exploring Fall" We completed our informational research on what trees, animals, ad people do in the fall. We shared what we learned by completing a Exploring Fall book that the students took home today.

Writing: The students are becoming experts in our writing process. Many of them are writing lines to represent words and hearing beginning and ending sounds while spelling our HFW correctly.

Phonics: We continued working on beginning sounds and learned a new website called "Kahoot" which allowed the students hear a question and, as a pair, they were able to choose the correct answer on their iPads and see it pop up on the SmartBoard.

Math: PATTERNS! PATTERNS! PATTERNS! We learned all about patterns and how to recognize and create them. We also began our pattern book on Book Creator that will be on Seesaw soon!