Flowers of Algernon Research

~By: Lauren and Kylie~

The Summary For Flowers of Algernon

This story is based on scientists finding a way to make mentally disabled kids or adults become smarter. One day in miss kinnians class they had an interview on who would be operated on. Charlie was the smartest in the class he looked forward to the operation so charlie did his best to stand out. The doctor decided to do the operation done on him. Charlie had the operation done, and in three weeks he was getting smarter and smarter. The way they would show his progress is threw his progress report and threw racing a special mouse named Algernon threw a maze who had the same operation done.Later on around two months from the operation, Algernon started showing signs he wasn't eating his food and he started to bite Charlie. Algernon starts deteriorating and ends up passing away. Charlie is starting to show signs that he is starting to get back to where he was. Later on Charlie is back to his old self but worse.

Why People May Want This Operation

People treat the mentally disabled people very badly. Some people want the operation because they want to be smarter than they already are. Others may want is to stop people from teasing them. People can push them to do anything. Mentally disabled people should be treated with care, not cruelty.

Pros of This Operation

Because of this operation Charlie experienced something he never would have experienced. He fell in love and knew how it felt, he realized things that he never realized. Charlie never really gave up when it came to learning. He became so smart his GPA was above average. It taught Charlie to be thankful for the way god made him. Even tho the operation didn't turn out great he came out happier than he was during the operation.

Cons of This Operation

The cons of this operation is that Charlie didn't stay smart he actually turned out worse then he was before. Charlie and Algernon stayed smart for a long time period of time and everyday they would become smarter and keep growing. It seems as the smarter they grew the worse they suffered when the operation started to wear off. Charlie was fine the way he was in the beginning he just wanted to become a "genius". Charlie wasn't happy when he was his smartest he felt like he was pushing his friends away and even got fired because his employs were scared of him.

About Daniel keys

Daniel Keys is a well known author. He's the author of many well known books. For example: "Flowers For Algernon" "The Fifth Sally" "The Minds Of Billy MIlligan." Many more but those are just a few that all made No Bell Prize Award. Before he started writing professionally for his dad at the Marvel Science Stories Office, were he use to help his dad edit writings and give good ides for stories. So after 16 years of writing, He passed away June 15, 2014 at the age 86.

How the mentally disabled are treated

Mentally disabled people are treated with disrespect. They don't know any better than to laugh with the people when they are really making fun of them. This world is cruel, kids that aren't mentally disabled are very rude to the people that are. They make fun of them to make themselves feel better because they know what they are doing is wrong they just want some kind of attention. People need to stop thinking about themselves and put them in their shoes for once because who want's to be made fun of.

The Pros On The Book

The book "Flowers For Algernon" is a very acknowledging book. It tells the reader how brain surgery can have pros and cons. One pro in it is that they didn't do the surgery before they saw the effect on Algernon. This can be a pro because no telling what would of happen if they wouldn't of tested an animal first.

The Cons On The Book

One thing that i didn't like about this book is that the operator is selfish, the scientist just wanted to when a nobel prize. They knew that Charlie wouldn't know that the operation would have never worked from the beginning. They have tested it in other parts of the country and they all got smart then they got back to where they started but worse. Charlie was very excited and kept the scientist motivated and they kept him motivated. I didn't like how everyone was selfish, they either want to make fun of him to get a good laugh or want to use him to get something.