CD Players Optic Technologies

By: Daniel Lucchetta

When, and whom the CD player was invented

James T. Russell, was the inventor of the CD player, he was a lover of music and was a senior scientist at the Pacific Northwest Laboratory. The player for compact discs was created in 1965. This invention turned out to be a huge success with music lovers during the early 2000's.

What is it used for?

Compact Disk players are used for playing stored data form the compact disk like - text, images, music files. It project the audio file out of the speakers witch are provided on the disk player. It helps us listen to our audio files in a clear way for you and your peers to listen to.

How does it work?

CD players distribute large quantities of information in a reliable package. Compact discs are so easy and cheap to produce. Inside a CD player, there is a miniature laser beam, and a small Photoelectric cell. The CD disc rotate at high speeds. The laser beam switches on and scans the track,the laser bounces off the pattern of bumps and (flat areas on the disc.
This makes the player record and read back information. The speaker will convert electric currents into sounds you can hear.


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The advantages are they are cheap and are available in multiple different retail stores, CD's are widely used and easily accessible, they are light weight and portable, it is easy to use for any age, and visually appealing to its audience


The disadvantages are that CD's get scratched up and can break pretty easily. When you have a scratch the audio can skip of freeze. CD players also have lower audio quality than other available audio sources like, iPods, Mp3 you can download multiple albums of you smartphone device with better quality than a CD.
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