Censoring Music

Why do it??

Music yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Music is one of the things that helps build any and every culture, it helps show you who some people are. It lets people express their feelings and who they are in one of the most unique ways possible, every beat and every lyric has a meaning to whoever wrote the song and even the person listening. Music is meant to inspire and express and these people out there that want censor music don't look at the bigger picture, the meaning behind music and why music even exist.

Music is art in one of it's truest forms, every song has meaning behind it and expresses the writers emotions. From Tupac and Snoop dogg to Falling In Reverse and White Chapel, they all write (or wrote) music to express how they feel or how they even lived. To censor stuff like that and to tell them what they can't and can say, is like telling Vincent Van Gogh what he could and couldn't paint. No one ever dreamed of doing that and now they are trying to censor artist, why? Because they use words you don't agree with or because they sing about things, such as gangs and drugs?

Music inspires people to do a lot of things, it brings out the best in people, it does so many things and music that is censored could not affect people the same. Music has been known to help a lot of people during hard times, letting them know they aren't the only ones that are feeling that or that they can always find peace in music. People look to music and if you try to censor it, it'll never have the same meaning as it once did, it won't be true raw art.

Put yourself in a musician's shoes, how they are going to feel about being told what they can say in THEIR music. It's like taking Michelangelo's sculpture of David, and telling him he has to smash it because it show David nude. When you tell an artist what they can't do, it's one of the hardest hitting things in the world, they work hard to put their feelings down onto paper. Writing songs may be one of the hardest things as a musician, it's hard to figure out just the right words to describe the emotions they are feeling.

Censorship is a very widely debated topic because, so many people want to see things censored but, should any form of art be a part of that? Why censor art? Most people want it because, they don't like the language in the songs or what some songs can be about. Then, don't listen to the songs, ignore them, why isn't it that easy? Why do musicians have to worry about if one day they can write what they want and then, the next, they can't write anything?

There are a lot of reasons that people want music lyrics censored; political and religious reason being the biggest ones. People can easily become offended by songs lyrics, especially when they use words that can pertain to that person or their beliefs. And most artist don't mean to offend anyone by their lyrics, but no matter what, you are always going to find someone that takes your lyrics wrong. It's part of being an artist, but that doesn't mean artist should be insensitive to these people's thoughts and feelings. But, does that mean that musicians should be told what and what not to write?

One of the biggest reasons is religion, people look at lyrics that talk about things that go against their religion and believe that the artist should be have their art censored. But, what sense does that make? It's not the artist religion then what makes it right for someone of another religion to say what that artist can and cannot say? An artist should be allowed to be able to say what ever they want in their songs and not have to worry about censorship.

Another reason so many seek for the censorship of music lyrics is, they just in general don't like what is said in songs, now a days. Some songs, tell of horrible lives on the streets, and how some resorted to drugs and gangs to feel right or at home. It tells of their past lives before they became who they are. What's wrong about writing songs about what you've been through? Not a single thing, music is usually written about ones own personal experiences and is used to express to the listener, what they've been through. You can't censor someone's life story.

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While censorship is a truly horrible thing to do to an artist, some "artist" might need it. Quite a few people have taken their songs to the extreme, but the thing is, some of these songs have no meaning behind them. These "artist" don't write their own songs, they sit back and hire other people to do it for them. In the end, these songs have no meaning to the person singing them or to the listener, the songs just have catchy beats. And some of these have songs written that are completely explicit and down right respectful to a certain group of people.

In a nutshell, censoring lyrics is one of the worst things you can do to an artist when it comes to them making music. Music is a form of art, used to express ones feeling in one of the best ways possible, that can be enjoyed by every single person in the world. People out there try to tell these artist what they can and cannot say in their music, and it is one of the hardest hitting emotions in the world. Although certain artist may need the censoring, most artist should not have their music censored.