Student arrested at local School

Kid dares to bring scissors to school

Outrage at local school

A student at local Hillside High School was arrested earlier this week. When the school administration found out that the student had brought scissors into their school, they immediately took action to protect the safety of the school. They made sure to call in a SWAT team to prevent casualties. "I can't believe a student would bring such a thing into our campus" said Tim Johnson, a student attending the school. "It seems irresponsible of those parents to raise a kid that would bring scissors to school. We talked to the student who brought the scissors to school to get his side of the story. He said "I don't understand what I did wrong or why this is happening to me." Wow! He really sounds malicious, it's a good thing that they got him out of the halls. The law was that you can't have scissors longer than four inches and this student brought 5 inch scissors! This school really needs to crack down on security before someone brings and extra sharp pencil or worst of all, a thumb tack.