No Teacher Left Behind

Annual Training to Improve Our Teachers

Training to Improve the Student Experience

One thing that can be implemented is training to brush up on schools policies, state and federal standards, and strategies to implement into the classroom. The training can also make sure that teachers are meeting the standards of NETS-T. Teachers need to be trained on the newest technologies and be ready to implement them into the classroom.

Collaborate with Other Grade Level Teachers

Teachers need to be held to a standard of meeting with other teachers that teach the same grade level to share ideas, teach strategies, lesson plans, and other ideas that have led to teacher success.

Bring the Creativity Back into the Classroom

We do not need to force any high stakes standards on our teachers. Just like the implementation of high stakes testing many teachers are teaching to the test and feel that the fun in teaching has left the classroom. Training and collaborating with other teachers can be monitored by the state and federal Department of Education to ensure this is being done. Many other industries require employees to complete annual or quarterly training to have employees brush up on skills and learn new polices that have been put in place throughout the year. We can do the same for teachers.

Bring the Fun Back into Teaching and Learning


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