CCS Digital Academy Weekly Updates

Log on, Lock in, Engage!


We would like to welcome all of our new families to CCS Digital Academy. As we say good bye to winter, and welcome spring, the Digital Academy continues to spring forth.

We are working laboriously to ensure all students have access and knows how to login to their classes. You can always visit the new and improved CCSDA website to learn who your child’s mentor and teacher(s) are.

Remember the CCSDA office has moved. We are now located at 3700 S. High St. Please take a moment to review the newsletter for exciting updates.

Daily Attendance

DO NOT forget to "CHECK IN" to the Parent/Student Portal to document your child’s attendance daily. CCS Digital Academy, as apart of Columbus City Schools, recognizes Ohio Law HB 410. If you know you or your child has missed "check-ins", please complete the Attendance Correction Form linked below. We have also provided a link to the training video for how to check in attendance.

Please note, students will NOT be able to "check-in" on dates scheduled as "days off" for students. While the student may not be able to check-in, students are permitted to work any day of the week. If you are having challenges checking in, please call 614-365-8888 for support with checking in. You can also contact your mentor or teacher if you have questions and/or concerns.

Daily Check-In Video

Attendance Correction Form



Students who have been with Digital Academy since first semester, and students who enrolled before January 5th, should have received their second semester workbooks via mail. If you have not received your workbooks, please contact the CCSDA office.

Second semester workbooks for students who enrolled in Digital Academy AFTER January 5th, will be mailed to students' homes. The workbooks should arrive within three weeks. Students new to Digital Academy for second semester will still need workbooks from first semester to complete the first few modules of second semester. First semester workbooks are available for pick up at the Digital Academy office on Monday/Tuesday 9am-4pm and Thursday/Friday 9am-4pm.

CCSDA Elementary Administration

Grades K- 1

Leslie Williams

Grades 2-3

Judy Johnson

Grades 4-5

Leslie Charlemagne

Please note the social studies curriculum is through Studies Weekly. You can access Studies Weekly through Clever. Please reach out to your teachers or mentors with questions.

There are no K-5 Health or PE classes for second semester.

Semester two ends on June 3, 2021 at 3 pm, which is the official last day of the 2020-2021 school year. At that time the students will no longer be able to turn in assignments or have access to the curriculum.

Edgenuity Parent Help Center for grades K-5

The new Parent Help Center includes videos, in Spanish and English, to introduce parents/guardians to the Buzz LMS and Genius SIS, along with PDFs of common questions and general information about helping students be successful with virtual learning:

When Technical issues arise, parents/guardians can submit a ticket through the Help Center to receive assistance. These tickets will go directly to the Instructional Services Operations team:

Edgenuity staff will continue to add resources as they are built, including more documents with translation into the Spanish language.

CCSDA Freshman Meetup

Please Join CCSDA for the

Freshman Meet Up

Tuesday February 23 at 6:00

Click the Here to Join the call

Monday Morning Middle School Town Hall Meetings

Please Join CCS Digital Academy every Monday for the

Middle School Town Hall Meeting

Every Monday at 11:00 am

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Apex courses (both X and Y) MUST be completed by June 3rd, 2021. If a student does NOT complete his/her course work, the student will earn an F for the course. Students will have the opportunity to recover any failed courses via summer school. Previously completed assignments will be "rolled" over for any CCSDA student that enrolls in summer school. Again, students MUST, MUST complete all course work by the end of the school year in order to earn credit (passing grade) for course work. If you have any questions, please contact your mentor or the CCSDA office.

Sixth Grade PE

ALL sixth graders MUST take PE. If a sixth grader did NOT take PE first semester, they have been scheduled for PE second semester. Sixth grade PE is NOT in Apex, the course is in Google Classroom. Students and guardians were contacted by Ms. Barton with the Google Classroom code. If you have any questions please contact your mentor, or contact the Digital Academy office.


We have updated our unlocking schedule. Starting February 1, 2021 we will have staff available to unlock tests until 9 pm Monday through Thursday and from 10 am till 8 pm on Saturday and Sundays. Until then, the schedule will stay Monday through Thursday until 7 pm and Saturdays from 11 am till 7 pm.

Grade cards for first semester are ready. You are able to view your child's grade card via the Parent Portal. If a student received an Incomplete (I) on their grade card, the student can continue to work on the X course until he/she reaches a passing score of at least a 60%. Once the student has earned the desired score, the student will need to email the teacher to let them know they want their final score put in the gradebook.

We have found that students that touch base with their teachers on a regular basis have a higher success rate. The teachers are there to help support you in your learning! Mentors are also available during the day if you have questions. We have made a few changes to Semester Two Y courses. One change that we believe will help students is that they now have the ability to see pre-populated study guides and checkups. They have been made available for students to use.

We have also turned on Mastery Based Learning (MBL). We have set MBL at 60%. This means students will need to earn a minimum of 60% on quizzes and tests. Middle school students have up to two attempts before they are locked out and high school students have three attempts. Once they have exhausted their attempts, the student is blocked from proceeding. At that point, your mentor and or teacher will need to grant permission to retake the quiz or test. Once the teacher grants the student permission to retake the assessment, the system will force the student back to the assessment that they did not receive the 60%.

Another change that has been made is that we have set due dates in all classes. We have done this so that students and parents can accurately access the students’ progress. The due dates provide a student the pacing guides in order to keep students on track to finish the course by the end of second semester.

Please note, the beauty of the Digital Academy is that students can work at their own pace. The due dates just offer a suggested schedule. If a student misses an assignment, the system calculates the score as a “0” until the student completes the assignments. When the assignment is completed the “0” will be replaced with the score earned by the student.

Middle/ High School Administration

Grades 6-8

Ms. Barbi Feuer

Grades 9-12

Ms. Christian Angel

Please complete the Unlocking Form linked below to request for any test to be unlocked.

CCSDA Digital Library

Hello! The Digital Academy Library is officially up and running! There are over 400 titles to start with and many with unlimited copies available for students to read and checkout. Please see below for information to share with students and staff of the CCSDA.

How to Search and Check Out an eBook

Attached and linked here is a flyer with instructions on how to login to CCSDA Library Catalog. In addition, linked here is an Instructional Video that walks students through the steps to login and check out books. Students are limited to two books at a time for checkout.

List of eBooks Available in Catalog

Attached is a full list of current eBooks available in the catalog. Many of the books have unlimited copies available and can be checked out by all students at the same time. The list denotes whether there are unlimited or single copies available of the eBook. In addition, the Destiny Discover platform has the option for the book to be read aloud to the student and several other tools. All K-12 books are listed in one catalog, so students need to be sure that are checking out appropriate titles.

CCS Digital Academy and I Know I Can

We would like to welcome Mr. Gresham, College Advising Manager from I Know I Can, to the CCSDA Family. Mr. Gresham provides assistance and directions for the following:

  • Naviance
  • College and Career Planning
  • Application Workshops/ Entrance Exam Fee Waivers
  • Essay Writing
  • Scholarships
  • Financial Aid Overviews & Financial Aid Letter Analysis
  • FAFSA Workshops
  • Blueprint: College

Mr. Gresham has been in contact with CCSDA seniors to complete required college and career planning. If you have a senior currently enrolled in CCSDA, please make sure he/she has met with Mr. Gresham. Please feel free to contact Mr. Gresham, or the CCSDA office, with any questions.

Ryan E. Gresham

Columbus City Digital Academy

College Advising Manager from I KNOW I CAN

Email: and

Google Voice: 614-349-6468 (Text Preferred)

Availability: M-F 8am-5pm


Finally, Columbus City Schools is asking our community to continue its efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. Wear a mask, wash your hands, keep your distance, and avoid large gatherings. We must all do our part, even though it can seem difficult or inconvenient at times, to slow the spread of this virus in our community.

Chromebook Distribution Update

Please contact your home school with questions regarding chromebooks and hotspots.

Multiple Layers of Security for Chromebooks

Dear Columbus City Schools Families,

As you may be aware, privacy and multiple layers of security features are built into every Chromebook to be safe for use right out of the box. To improve on that security, we are adding a layer of protection for our students.

The District will be updating the Chromebooks to implement tighter web filtering controls while students are using the internet. When implemented, this change will provide the students with a filtered internet experience, similar to what they would have if they were in one of our school buildings.

The only thing we need you to do is make sure your children are signing into the Chromebooks using their District provided credentials. If you have any questions or issues, please contact the CCS Technology Help Desk at 614-365-8425.

Need extra Help for your child?

City Invests in Learning Extension Centers (From the desk of Dr. Dixon)

On Thursday, I participated in a press conference with the City of Columbus, I Know I Can, and City Year to announce that the City is investing $2 million in Learning Extension Centers (LECs) in our communities. This investment, which comes on top of the already $7 million the City provided to purchase 20,000 Chromebooks for CCS students, will help us better serve our families during virtual learning.

LECs are a true community partnership effort with many of our city’s non-profit and faith-based organizations that address the educational and social-emotional needs of our students and families during this time of virtual learning.

We have 145 LECs around the city with a collective capacity to serve 3,500 students daily. These LECs offer internet access for students to interface with their teachers and virtual assignments while also providing safe, educationally-conducive environments for students whose families may not have the resources at home.

To make it easy for families to find the LEC closest to their home, we have created an interactive map on our website.

Thank you once again to Mayor Andrew Ginther and City Council President Shannon Hardin for the City’s continued investment in our students and their families. And thank you to our valued non-profit partners for walking alongside us as we navigate the ways to best serve our school community.

Traditional School Calendar


The CCS Digital Academy follows the Columus City School's traditional school calendar. Teachers nor mentors are available on days schools are not in session.