BY: George Allison


It was the first day of school for Jacolby Alford he thought his new school was going to be lame because he didn't have any friend he had just moved too high point from Chicago .It was his first day so he really didn't no anyone at all. The first day of class he met Reggie Briley and Reggie said wassup aren't you the new kid jacolby didn't no what to say besides are you talking to me reggie replied yes aren't you the new kid jacolby said oh yes My name is reggie I play football for Andrews Reggie was short an buff and he told jacolby he play linebacker reggie ask jacolby did he play any sports Jacolby replied yea I play basketball jacolby was kinda tall compared to Reggie in that first class Jacolby found out things about Reggie and Reggie found about things about Jacolby.

The first Lunch in the big ugly lunch room Jacolby didn't no where to sit because he only had 1 friend but reggie wasn't in his lunch so he was looking around and he heard somebody say aye you new kid jacolby took a deep breath and said my name is jacolby the other kid responded saying my name is Almighty Sosa and im from Chicago. It was The end of lunch and Almighty Sosa and Jacolby was getting to know eachother and it turned out that they both where from Chicago and they both where new to the school.

The next class Jacolby introduced Almighty Sosa to Reggie but they already new each other because they both play football for Andrews Almighty Sosa said oh Jacolby I already know Reggie he play line backer an he has really bad vision he can't see anything they all started laughing .As The day went Almighty Sosa and Reggie had convinced Jacolby to come out for the football team and he said no he doesn't like football . The next period Almighty Sosa and Reggie begged Jacolby to come out for football and he finally said yes I will try out now will yall shut up .

It was the first day of football practice and Jacolby came out and it turnt out that he was good Almighty Sosa and Reggie where surprised .The coach told Jacolby he was pretty good Jacolby never thought he would like the new school or ever play football but some how he did. It was a week before the first game an Jacolby had fount out that he was going to be starting in the central game Almihty Sosa and Reggie where happy that Jacolby wasn't going to be on the bench because he probably would of quit but they didn't no that I don't quit in any sport that I do .

After all the stuff I thought about my new school it was actually not that bad I had really liked it I had made new friends tried a new sport and was starting in a rival football game for my school. I though tight about what I said about my school and learned that I shouldn't judge a book by its color. The most Important thing I learned was not to be quick to judge because I thought The new school was going to be lame but it wasn't and I also thought I wasn't going to have any friends but I do so I learned never speak or say something about something that you are new to .