Sioux County Newsletter

July 2020

Calendar of Events

July 8 – Clothing Workshop at the Harrison Bible Church from 9 until 3 pm

July 13 – Rocket Workshop at the Harrison Bible Church from 9 until 12 pm

July 15 – Fair Entry Forms are due

July 17 – 4H Fashion Revue at the Dance Hall from 9:00am – 12:00pm

July 24 – Open Youth Livestock Show at Sioux County Fair Grounds

July 27 – Companion Animal Show at the Harrison City Park at 10:00am

July 28 – Open 4H Horse Show at the Sioux County Fair Grounds at 8:00am

July 30 – Art Hall Entry Day at the Sioux County Fair Grounds starting at 9:00am

Aug. 2 – Static Release at the Art Hall from 3:00pm - 4:00pm


· There are still virtual and at home learning opportunities.
Visit: for more information.

· Panhandle 4-H is still offering summer workshops in July.
Go to to learn more about the topics and projects!

Health Measures for Fair

Sioux County Extension Staff and the 4-H Council will be taking measures to try and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the 4-H families. We will be taking temperatures of our judges and volunteers. Volunteers and judges who cannot remain at least a 6-foot distance will be asked to wear a mask. Masks will be available, but encouraged to bring your own. We will be reducing class sizes, limiting the number of animals in one area. Hand sanitizer and gloves will be available. Even with all these precautions, there is still a chance people could get COVID-19. Nebraska Extension-Sioux County, the Sioux County 4-H Council, and the Sioux County Ag Society will not be held liable if you were to get COVID-19. Families will be participating in the Sioux County Fair at their own risk.

Horse Camp in a Box-Last Chance

4-H youth still can participate in Horse Camp. The 4-H staff have created a Trail Map full of challenges for the youth to complete. The youth will be encouraged to practice Horsemanship, Reining, learning about Horse parts, creating horse treats, and other crafts for their horses. The Box will provide supplies for the crafts, such as horse treats, homemade fly spray, boot bag, and more. Participants will have the opportunity to have a horsemanship pattern evaluated by equine industry professionals. Youth can complete the horsemanship pattern at home and submit it to Evaluate My Ride at: Otherwise participants can sign up for a time on the afternoon of July 9th to have the horsemanship pattern recorded for them. Once youth complete the Trail map, they will receive a prize. To show completion of the Trail map, youth will need to take photos of them completing each obstacle on the Trail Map and send them to Melissa Mracek at The fee for the Horse Camp in a Box is $20 and is available for people who are 8 years old to adults. To register for your Camp in a Box please contact the Extension Office at (308) 668-2428.

Clothing Workshop

The Clothing workshop will be on Wednesday, July 8th from 9 am until 3 pm at the Harrison Bible Church. Youth will Sun Dye a t-shirt, upcycle a t-shirt, marble dye fabric, and create a pillow or tote bag. There will also be activities for Clover Kids. The fee for this workshop is $15. Youth will need to bring a sack lunch, an old t-shirt, and items to sun dye with like leaves, marbles, stencils, lace, etc. Youth can also bring their own sewing machine if they have one. We will have a limited amount of sewing machines for the day.To register contact the Extension Office at (308) 668-2428.

Health Safety Measures for the day-Extension staff and interns will be wearing masks during the workshop. We will spread the youth out during the day and take their temperatures as they arrive. We will also remind youth to wash their hands throughout the day.

Rocket Workshop

The Rocket workshop will be held on July 13th from 9 to noon at the Harrison Bible Church. Youth will build and launch a rocket for fair. The fee for this workshop is $20. This workshop is limited to 18 youth, so call the Extension Office at (308) 668-2428 to reserve your spot. Lunch will not be provided.

Health Safety Measures for the day-Extension staff and interns will be wearing masks during the workshop. We will spread the youth out during the day and take their temperatures as they arrive. We will also remind youth to wash their hands throughout the day.

Cooking Workshop

Zip Starkey will be hosting a cooking workshop via zoom on July 14th at 6 pm. Participants will create amazing recipes in the comfort of their own kitchen and will be able to share the creations with their families. Participants will make brownies, ice cream, and popsicles. The zoom link for youth to join is

Below are the ingredients the youth will need to complete the projects:

Homemade Cosmic Brownies

· Eggs

· All-purpose flour

· Baking powder

· Brown sugar

· Cocoa powder, unsweetened

· Cornstarch

· Milk chocolate chips

· Salt

· Semi-sweet chocolate chips

· Sugar

· Vanilla extract

· Butter

· Heavy cream

· Milk

Ice Cream in a Bag

· milk

· vanilla extract

· sugar

· rock salt

· Ice

· 1-gallon bag

· 1-2 sandwich bags

Homemade Popsicles

· Sprite

· Gummy bears

· Popsicles holders (if you do not have the holders you will need dixie cups and popsicles sticks.)

Fair Entry Forms

Fair entry forms are due to the Extension Office on July 15th. The forms can be found at Please contact the Extension Office if you have any questions.

Project Supplemental Information

Reminder that exhibits such as photography, home environment, and food preservation require supplemental information. You can find these forms at, along with the Style Show narration form.

Procedures for Fair

-July 17-Clothing Day

  • Youth will be assigned staggered times to show up and have their clothing exhibits judged with a judge. Families will be contacted for their individual judging times.
  • The youth will place their exhibits on a table and stand 6 feet away to talk with the judge.
  • The judge will hand sanitize before and after each participant.

-July 27 – Companion Animal Show

  • For cat showmanship, youth will be allowed to utilize a table to set up their carrier and cat. The judge will stand back and judge the showmanship. If needed, the youth may have to speak through a microphone.
  • For cat confirmation, youth will place their carriers one at a time on tables and then stand back, allowing the judge to take out the cats and evaluate them.
  • Dog Show: Youth will complete the different classes spread a part with limited number of exhibitors at a time. A microphone may be utilized to give the participants instructions.
  • Rabbit Show: Youth will keep their animals in their own carriers. During showmanship, they will have access to a table to perform their presentation, while the judge stands at a distance. They may have to use a microphone if the judge cannot hear them. For rabbit confirmation, the youth will place their rabbits in their carriers on a table and then stand at a marker a distance from the table.

-July 28 – Horse Show

  • Participants will stay at their trailer and staff/volunteers will walk around and check them in.
  • Participants need to stay 6 feet away when they are mounted and not mounted.
  • There will be designated markers to help with spacing.

-July 30 – Static Day

  • Families will be assigned arrival times for interview judging between 9 and noon. Families will be contacted for their individual times.
  • Tables will be spread out at proper distance with the judge at a table and the youth will stand back for the interview.
  • For food exhibits, participants only need to bring half the amount that is stated in the Fair book. There will be no food tasting this year.