WCSD Digital Citizenship Spotlight

October 2019 - Parent Version

Spotlight News

Webster CSD has again partnered with Common Sense Education for this school year. The Digital Citizenship Committee will continue to support parent newsletter to provide you with relevant resources to use in your with families. This year we will again support an evening learning series for parents, more information will be coming soon. October 14-18 is National Digital Citizenship week.

Parenting in the digital age can be overwhelming when you are looking for information on cell phones, social media, family agreements and how to handle anything and everything that comes out from tech companies as a blinding pace. Our goal is to highlight and distill some easy to use resources for you to access quickly and help guide your learning.

There are many resources below for you to use as conversation starters at home on topics around technology. If you have any questions, suggestions or needs please use the contact information at the bottom of the newsletter to reach out.

Center for Humane Technology - Parent Resource

Here is a collection of practices that people we’ve spoken with have found helpful. It’s a small sample of the rich movement developing to help students, parents and teachers build healthier relationships with technology.

Be Internet Awesome Family Guide - Google

The Be Internet Awesome Family Guide gives families the tools and resources to learn about online safety and citizenship at home. We’ve created this guide for families to make it easier to incorporate and practice good digital habits in your everyday lives. Packed with good stuff, this guide will help you and your kids discuss, learn, and think about online safety together.

Family Guide