by Lauren Oliver


Delirium is a dystopian fiction novel set in the future where at the age of 18, young people are required to undergo a surgical procedure to ensure that they do not become infected with deliria (love). Society has been told by their government that love is an infectious disease that leads to death. Most people look forward to the procedure knowing they will not be infected but many avoid it and some fall in love before 18. Lena is the main character who awaits her procedure and suddenly meets Alex (who has not had the procedure) and falls in love.

My Review

I absolutely loved this book. I really felt like I was living in the future. I couldn't believe all the things that the characters believed about "love". It was interesting how the author took the traits of someone falling in love and turned them into symptoms for the disease of "deliria". Although it is a love story, it still has lots of action and leaves you in suspense at the end, waiting for the second book in the series.

"I love you. Remember. They can not take it." - Lauren Oliver

I give it ***** stars out of 5


This is a great book for readers who loved the Hunger Games but appreciate a bit more of a love story. It's a Young Adult read so perhaps more suitable for gr.6 students and up.