Virtual Netiquette

DOs and DON’Ts

What is Virtual Netiquette? The manners that you present while using the Internet.


  • Do unto others as you would have them do to you
  • Be courteous in all online and email communication
  • Ask yourself, "Would you say it to that person's face?"
  • Think before you hit send - Your message could be shared with everyone
  • Remember your words are never erased. They will always be 'out there'.
  • Include a signature block in your emails
  • Keep it short - Readers usually only read the first part of the message.
  • Ask for permission before including someone in a Newsletter email list
  • Be ethical
  • Use good grammar & spelling


  • DON'T break the law
  • DON'T use offensive language
  • DON'T use humor and sarcasm - It is difficult for others to know you are joking
  • DON'T use all CAPS - It is considered to be shouting
  • DON'T visit a web page without making sure it's safe
  • DON'T be confrontational - It could lead to an argument
  • DON'T forward spam, jokes or chain letters
  • DON’T push the send button in a communication when you’re angry or upset - You'll probably feel different about it in the morning
  • DON’T send an email with “no subject” listed