billy the Ompalompa

a story about ompalompas

once upon a time lived an ompalompa named billy. billy lived in his moms basement at age 23. billy was a very lonely ompalompa. every time billy went out into public everyone laughed at him. so he went home sat on the couch and ate some soup. all he did was cry and hide in his cardboard box in the basement when he got tired of watching TV.

so one day billies mom walked down stairs and told him he had to get out of the house. she gave him his favorite stuffed animal and some money for the bus. he traveled and traveled while of coarse using his premium bus card with the money he got from working at McDonald. one day he decided to quit his job because he was getting paid minim wage. his manager said ''if you really want some money go to the bikers bar down the street''. so he went to the bar went threw the door and not even a split second he got beat up by bikers and was never herd of again.