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Monthly School Newsletter - October 2022

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A Note from Mrs. Wagner

Dear Families,

Thank you for coming by our Open House/SPS U event! It was a huge turn-out and we loved having every one back in the building like usual.

Please ensure you have signed-up for a Parent/Teacher Conference with your child's teacher for the week of Oct. 24th-28th. The expectation is for us to meet with 100% of our families.

This month we welcome back Mrs. Rader, as our School Community Liaison. This is a new role for our building. Within this role, Mrs. Rader will partner with parents for a variety of reasons (i.e. PTA, Attendance, behaviors, etc.). She will also focus on community partners and overall support for our staff and students.

Our big social event this month is our Trunk or Treat hosted by our PTA at Galloway Baptist. We're hosting it off-site this year in hopes that their parking lot is more conducive to having everyone at the same time while also leaving room for the Trunk or Treating to happen. Scroll down to the PTA section to find out more and sign-up to host a Trunk.

On a personal note, I'm continuing to collect pop-tabs for the Ronald McDonald House Charities since they were such a support for my family while Cole was in the NICU. Feel free to drop off pop-tabs to the office after you've collected a zip-loc bag (or so) full.

Thank you for sharing your kiddos with us each day, they're the best part of our job!

-Mrs. Wagner

Sequiota Principal

Conscious Discipline

One of the skills we work with students on is the Skill of Assertiveness.

We teach them to use their words to express how they're feeling. When a child complains about another student we ask them "Did you like it?" if they say "no", we then guide them through how to tell the other student "I don't like it when you _______________. Please ___________".

We also use assertiveness when working with students. We want to focus the student's attention on what we desire to see. For example, we will describe what we want them to do - "Put the toys in the toy box". We also try to use assertive language instead of hesitant language. Such as "could you please put the toys in the box".

You may find more information at

- This approach is helpful at home and school.

The Skill of Assertiveness: How to Use It & How It Can Help You | Ever feel frustrated that your kids aren't listening to you? Give assertiveness a try! In this webinar, Certified Instructor Abbi Kruse shares the top... | By Conscious Discipline® | Facebook

Upcoming Events

-Oct. 10th: Student Flu Clinic (this is an updated date)

-Oct. 13: Picture Day

-Oct. 18th: PAT K-Prep in the cafeteria @ 5:30 pm

-Oct. 17th-20th: Grade Level Pumpkin Patch Competition (more info to come)

-Oct. 20th:

  • PAT Story Time in the library @ 9:00 am
  • PTA Hosts Trunk or Treat at Galloway Baptist

-Oct. 21st: NO SCHOOL

-Oct. 24-28th:

  • Red Ribbon Spirit Week (more info to come)
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences (please sign-up with your child's teacher)

-Oct. 26th: Springfield Fire Department presents Fire Prevention/Safety Classes to all students

-Oct. 31st & Nov. 1st: NO SCHOOL

November Dates to note:

  • Nov. 10th: SPS University @ Glendale 5:30-8:30
  • Nov. 15th: PAT K-Prep @ 5:30 pm
  • Nov. 17th: PAT Story Time @ 9:00 am
  • Nov. 21-25th: - NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break
  • Nov. 29th: Picture Make-up Day
Sequiota Elementary Calendar

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Sequiota Behavior Expectations


This document outlines our behavior expectations for every area of the building.

Teachers will begin teaching these expectations to our students during the first week of school and will continue to reteach these expectations throughout the school year.

Feel free to review these expectations with your children to help reinforce positive choices at school.

Breakfast and Lunch Updates

If your child is eating breakfast at school please arrive no later than 7:00 am so they have plenty of time to eat breakfast in the cafeteria.

Students may pack a lunch but microwaves will not be available.

If you have not yet submitted your application for free/reduced lunches, please click HERE


  • Reduced Price Breakfast $0.30

  • Full Price Breakfast $1.60

  • Reduced Price Lunch $0.40

  • Full Price Lunch $2.95

  • Ala Carte Milk $0.65

Menus and how to add money to your student's account can be found here

Please do not send sodas with your child for lunch.

Visitors & Volunteers

In order to be in the building as a visitor during school hours, you must register with our visitor management system in the front office. This requires a driver's license.

If volunteering for the school during school hours we ask that you complete the volunteer application and background check.

For more information please visit this website: OR contact Sara Atkinson our school secretary and volunteer coordinator in the front office.

Lunch Visitors

Families are allowed to eat lunch with their child again - BUT we're asking for the following protocols to be followed:

  1. All visitors must sign in through the hall pass visitor system. This requires a photo i.d. the first time you sign-in.
  2. Please limit the number of visitors who come for lunch to two adults. Non-SPS siblings should not attend with the visitors.
  3. Please save these visits for special occasions - students need to interact with their peers at lunch.
  4. Families must sit at the visitor tables with their child only (other students will not be allowed to sit with you). There are two designated tables to sit at (look for the signs that say "Visitor Table"). Please do not bring food for other students either.
  5. Please do not wander around the lunch room interacting with all students. This is a connection for you and your child.
  6. Once we start dumping trash for your child's grade level please say your goodbyes and have them return to their class tables.
  7. Please show up on time. It's hard for students to watch their peers eat while waiting.
  8. Please refrain from taking pictures with other students in the background. Some of our students are on a media block and we do not want to dishonor their parent's wishes.
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