Today is Monday, January 6th,2014

Master of Health

Health : « is the status of completion of safety physically, mentally and socially , not merely the absence of disease or infirmity »
Health aspects :
Physical health : It is the result of physical exercise and Calgary morning exercises , which lead to an increase in blood flow to the heart and so increase the speed of response of the heart.

Fitness and physical health is good , which is a result of regular exercise , and proper sustenance , nutrition, and rest for physical growth and recovery.
Mental Health
Mental health refers to the health of the individual emotional and psychological . Dictionary defines Merriam - Webster's mental health as " emotional and psychological health of which the individual can use the cognitive and emotional abilities to meet and function in society , and meet the ordinary demands of everyday life . " .


is the science that studies how and what people eat and what affects health status , such as foods or food ingredients that cause disease or deterioration of health (such as eating too many calories , which is a major factor in obesity , diabetes, and heart disease ( the area of ​​food and nutrition and also considering supplements that improve performance , and health promotion , and treatment or prevention of diseases , such as eating fibrous foods to reduce the risk of colon cancer , or supplementing with vitamin C to strengthen teeth and gums , as well as improve the immune system .