Charles Upson October Newsletter

From Principal Gilson

Dear Parents/Legal Guardians:

It is hard to believe that October is upon us. Teachers and staff have introduced both school and classroom expectations to the students, while students have settled into the school year ready to learn.

School Comprehensive Education Plan Survey

In an effort to continue to build a safe and comfortable environment for all, we will be looking for feedback from our stakeholders. As part of the SCEP (School Comprehensive Education Plan), we will be administering a staff, student, and parent survey. Both students and staff will complete this during the school day, while parents are asked to complete this no later than October 13, 2022. The data collected from the short survey will remain confidential; however, it will be used to help us create a positive and safe climate for all.

Bucket Fillers

This year, students at Charles Upson Elementary School will practice being “bucket fillers”. The concept behind this school-wide initiative is to say and do kind things to “fill the buckets” of themselves and others. I encourage you to ask your child about this and have him/her explain how they can be “bucket fillers” at home too!

Homecoming Spirit Days


Please know we must have a note or a phone call to the main office indicating your child’s transportation has changed for that particular day. We will not take your child’s word for it as this can cause confusion.

If you are transporting your child, please be mindful of the parking area at the Church. We have agreed to ONLY use their back parking area, NOT the front area. Please be respectful of this when bringing your child to or from school.

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Inspirational Lions

At the September Board of Education meeting, several Charles Upson staff members recognized students, and a student recognized a CU staff member for being an “inspirational lion”! Each month, a different school presents the mission statement at the Board of Education meeting. The goal is to give credit and attention to students who inspire staff to teach or work AND to staff who inspire students to learn and grow.

School Climate, Improvement, and Safety Teams

If you are interested in being on the School Climate, Improvement or Safety Teams, please reach out to me directly at for more information. Each of these committees meet monthly at 8:30AM.

Have a wonderful fall season!

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October Calendar

03-Safety Patrol Begins; 3:35PM Play Practice

05-8:30AM School Improvement Team Meeting; 3:35PM Kindness Club

06-8:30AM School Safety Team Meeting; 3:35PM Play Practice

10-Columbus Day-No School

12-5:00-7:00PM Fall Family Fun Night

13-Fire Prevention Assemblies; 3:35PM Play Practice; Last Day to Complete Parent Survey

17-8:00AM Art Club; 3:35PM Play Practice

18-8:30AM School Climate Team Meeting

19-6:30PM PTA Meeting; 7:00PM BOE Meeting

20-3:35PM Play Practice

24-3:35PM Play Practice

25-3:35PM Student Council Meeting

27-3:35PM Play Practice

31-Happy Halloween

Charles Upson Elementary School

Jennifer Gilson, Principal

Pride in our Past...Faith in our Future